[Tutorial] How to make a Melon Account

This is a tutorial on how to make a Melon Account.

Go to melon.com : here

1. Click on 회원가입 below the green button to create a new account.

2. Follow the steps below (See image)

View full size here.


View full size here.

3. Melon will now show you all your personal information.

4. Your registration was completed and you are now logged in.




48 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How to make a Melon Account

  1. There is no confirmation code sent on my email. What should I do ? I’ve tried the steps several times but still no. Please help. Thanks


  2. I having problems when I enter my name and do everything on the first part it does not let me continue to the next part


  3. Hello, again. Because I haven’t received a confirmation code on my Gmail account, I made a Naver account and used it instead. It worked very fine so I’m thankful. My problem here is I already used all words that came into my mind for the password but it never verified. I mean, I was stuck on the password part. I really need anyone’s help, please.


  4. my password doesn’t work I tried everything big letters, small letters, numbers, symbols and still nothing what to do can you please help me


  5. Make a naver account to get onto melon. Naver pretty much as english for instructions. I used that email to create a melon account 😀


  6. Why cant enter my ID? 아이디를 입력해 주세요.
    아이디는 6~30자로 영문소문자(필수), 숫자, 특수문자(-, _)만 사용가능합니다. says Please enter your ID.
    Username special characters 6-30 characters lowercase letters (required), numbers – you can only use (, _).


  7. Hello fellow army, I need help with my melon account. I updated my melon app and everything was gone, so they asked me to login. Unfortunately I have forgotten my ID and Password, I don’t know what to do. Could anyone please give me some ideas on what to do? I miss singing kpop songs following lyrics at the same time, omg please help. Anyone? ㅠㅠ


  8. I also haven’t receive confirmanation code. I have been used both gmail and naver but it no use. What should I do??


  9. I did the first part meaning the first page and the second one appeared after that but I accidentally closed the tab and I don’t know what to do now it won’t accept my email address again please help


  10. I think they added new policy to input korean phone numbers, so people won’t be able to join as the new user, also the old user can’t log in without entering the korean phone number…


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