[Tutorial] How to Download Songs on Melon App

– How to make a melon account: here
– How to download the melon app on Android devices: here
– How to download the melon app on iOS devices: here
– How to buy a melon streaming pass via iTunes: here
– How to stream songs on the melon app: here

The download only counts ONCE per account.
Move the downloaded file from the Melon folder if you want to continue with streaming!

1. Open the Melon App on your phone or other device.


2. Click on the menu button to get to the settings.


3. This is what it will look like if you use an Android device. Click on the gear button now.


4. Here you can change a lot of different settings. For now, though, click on 로그인 to login.


5. Enter your ID and password and click on the green button.


6. A window will pop up, giving you the option of purchasing a streaming pass with a discount of 100 Won. This option is only available for Korean fans, though, so to proceed, just click 취소.


7. Now click on the magnifier icon to get to the search option.


8. Search for “방탄소년단”.


9. Click on the song you want to download.


10. Click on “다운” to download the song.


11. Click on the green button to confirm the download.


12. The file is now being downloaded.


13. Go back to the homescreen of your phone and go to your files or local storage.
14. Look for the melon folder and open it.



15. Select the downloaded songs and move them to another folder.



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