This is the official fanmail address from Bangtan’s official fancafe.
Please send them lots of gifts and letters!

서울시 강남구 학동로 30길 5
양진프라자 5층 빅히트엔터태인먼트 ㅇㅇㅇ앞
우편번호) 06104

Yangjin Plaza 5F
5, Hakdong-ro, 5 30-gil
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06104
South Korea

*ㅇㅇㅇ is to be replaced with name of the member you are addressing it to (please write in Hangul).

A/N : While we provided the English version of the address, please also try to put the Korean Address on the letters/packages as well so it will be easier for it to be delivered once it reaches Korea)

You can also writte letters to them on their official fancafe: TO.BTSnew


86 thoughts on “Fanmail

  1. Hi, I want to ask about fanmail because in Indonesia, it’s required to write contact the receiver contact number but there’s no info provided. What suggestion can you give about this?


    1. hi! i also sent my gift to the same address.. and did not include a contact no. since i also don’t have any idea what to write. problem is, it still hasn’t been delivered to them. it’s been in incheon for 3 days


  2. Hey i wanted to send them stuff! Do i just ship straight to bighit or is there something i need to before shipping it to bighit? I mean any rules or i should email them first saying that im sending a package to them?


  3. To write it on the envelope, am I able to use:
    BTS – (Member Name)
    Big Hit Entertainment
    Gangnam-gu Dosan-daero 16-gil 13-20
    Cheonggu Building 3rd floor
    Seoul 06040 South Korea



  4. I’m planning on sending BTS an invitation to my wedding, December 29, 2018, and I was wondering when I should send it and if I needed to send anything else in order for them to write back or something along those lines.


  5. Merhaba iyi kolay gesin istanbul turkiyeden sevgiler 10 yasinda erkek cocugum var artik biktim ekendi odasina her yerine bts posterleri var ismi taha burak erkektir fanatik hayranizdir sabak aksam hergun muziginizi dinlemekten biktim artik ingilizce superdir sizle guzel konusur simdide korece diline gitmek istiyorb


  6. Hi did the address change? I was sending letters to this address fine until December and January. One letter got returned with the message addressee not available and I sent again a month later and it got returned saying addressee moved. so when I checked with the mail department they said that the office has moved in December. So anyone knows an update about this?


    1. Hey, well did you make sure to send it by going to the post office? Oh, and you have to make sure that on the address that it goes to South Korea. If you are from the US then you also have to put the US. Hope I could help!


      1. yup did all that.. I have sent mails previously. but from December it got returned. and I always sent registered mails so I get the tracking number. that’s why I was able to find out that the BTS office which receive mails have moved from that building.


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