This is the official fanmail address from Bangtan’s official fancafe.
Please send them lots of gifts and letters!

서울시 강남구 도산대로 16길 13-20
청구빌딩 3층 ㅇㅇㅇ앞
우편번호) 06040

Cheonggu Building 3F
13-20, Dosan-daero 16-gil
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06040
South Korea

*ㅇㅇㅇ is to be replaced with name of the member you are addressing it to (please write in Hangul).

A/N : While we provided the English version of the address, please also try to put the Korean Address on the letters/packages as well so it will be easier for it to be delivered once it reaches Korea)

You can also writte letters to them on their official fancafe: TO.BTSnew

16 thoughts on “Fanmail

  1. hi,BTS oppa salanghee oppa pls follow me on twitter or just chat me @f0eaf5ef24244fd
    oppa naneun gundae yeong wonhi yu neomu manh eun salang i doel geos ibnida i love u so much BTS


  2. Hi m’y name is kaouter i’m from algeria i’am from your arabic fans i really want to say thanks to you BTS you make me smile i want to meet you someday
    I love u si much bangtan boy fighting !!
    Ans. Jungkook oppa you are the best i love u be happy and smile because you have a amazing smile saranghee !! Fighting !!


  3. Hi, i’ve read somewhere that you have to add an IRC to your fanmail so they can reply, is this true? IRC are not available in my country 😦


  4. Anyonghasaeyo BTS members, my name is Jeriah Dawn Arias. I love you all so so much. You are all so awesome and handsome. More power to BTS, I LOVE YOU 😍💋❤


  5. Anyonghasaeyo BTS members. I’d like to tell you that you guys are the best. Your all so handsome and cute and funny. More power to BTS, I love you all so much. Thanks for making me so happy and greatful that I’ve known this Band. You all make me happy for all your beautiful songs and funny videos.


  6. I was wondering what the address would look like if I put it on a letter to V. I’m not good with sending mail, so can you please give me an example please? Thanks:) Also is this address recent?


  7. Hello BTS!!! I’m Izzy and I’m a big fan to all of you!! You guys are really hot and good looking!!! Sending lots of love to my favorite band!!! Keep up the great work my babies!!! Saranghae!!!


  8. hi,bts i am Mary from Philippines. Oppa namjoon i really like you , youre awesome . someday i promise i will see you in personal and i will hug you. ctually im just a new army, i begin last 2015, I just love your song fire that it makes me addictted to bts. when i feel so down i listen to your songs, when im happy i i also listen to it. BTS is one of the reason why i am happy and i challenge my self more. And i have a question DO YOU LIKE MESSI?


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