3 thoughts on “Jungkook

  1. Five reason why i loveyou a lot
    Your smile,,,make me smile everytime i seen it
    Your dance move ,,,made my day ohhhh god cant explain
    Your innocence ,,,so pure
    Your voice was really great ,,, its melting my heart everytime i hear it,
    And of course your personality ,!,


  2. Five reason why I love you Jeon Jungkook
    1.Your cute bunny teeth makes me smile
    2.Your smile that makes me smile too
    3.Your laugh that makes me laugh too
    4.Your dance moves is so cool I really love it
    5.Your lovely voice that i can’t expalin ohh god every time I hear it omo


  3. 1. The mole on your neck
    2. Your teeth smile
    3. Your style
    4. Your sniffing
    5. How you don’t remember kindergarten
    That what I like🍪


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