[화양연화 pt.1 Era]

Open Fansigns:  Some fansigns are open for everyone to watch.
So if you didn’t get in, you can still go and see Bangtan.
But if you want to get a good view, show up early

Closed Fansigns: Only people who got into the fansigns, are allowed to go.


Where can you find information about fansigns on the fancafe? And how can you attend them? Find out here.

1. Login on your daum cafe and go to the BTS official fancafe.

user posted image

2. Click on 전체공지

3. You will find a list of all the news there, e.g. concerts and fansigns.


4. Click on the link which has 팬 사인 written in it.

user posted image


5. You will find a list with all fansigns, which are already announced.

 6. Light gray means that the fansign already took place! So you don’t have to care about them anymore.

7. Check out the time period in which you are able to apply for the fansigns. Go to the store and go to the cashier and ask for: Bangtan Sonyeondan Fansign.

8. They will ask you how many CDs you want to purchase. Name them a number.

a ) Now they might give you papers where you have to fill in your address, phone number and birthday. Then you have to put these papers in a box.
b ) Now they might ask you to fill your name and phone number in a list. They will give you some papers with numbers on it. Do not lose these!

 10. Check the homepage of the store on the date of announcement. Just look for BTS and click on it. A new page will open with a list of 100 names of it. Search for your name!

 11. You got in? Congratulations! Now you have to look how they will give you your number for the fansign.

a )
Some stores give out numbers online already. Just see if each name has a number written in front of it which is between 1 and 120! If that is the case just show up a little bit before the fansign starts.
b ) Random number picking. The store will name a second time on the day of the fansign. Go to the store and pick your number and show up to the fansign on time.
c ) First come, first serve. The store will give the lowest number to the person who comes first. If you want to take pictures and want to sit in the front rows, go to the store before it opens. A few fans might have already lined up! Get your number and show up for the fansign on time.

On the day of the fansign

  • Make sure to leave your house early enough to show up in time. Always remember it might take you some time from the bus or subway station to get there.
  • Look up how to get to the location. Make a screenshot of google maps showing you the way and always have it with you, so you won’t get lost.
  • Make sure to take you passport with you and remember your phone number. They will check it before you are allowed to go inside
  • Also bring the papers with the numbers the shop gave you with you! Dont lose them.
  • Bring an album with you to the fansign to get it signed. They don’t have any albums there!
  • Prepare you albums with post its.
    – Prepare little post its that will stick out at the top and write the member’s name down on it, so they know which pages they need to sign.
    – Prepare bigger ones with a message or question to them and put it on the page next to the one you want to get signed.
  • BTS will only give one signature per member. They wont sign anything else but a page in the album!
  • Sit down on the place with your number on it. The person in charge of the fansign will tell you when to get up in line.
  • Prepare a note where you can write your name down, and take this note with you to show to BTS.
  • You might get a paper with your number on it before the fansign. Dont lose it. Take it with you when you have to get up to line up and give it to the person in charge.
  • You can give gifts to BTS during fansigns, but you are NOT allowed to give them any kind of food.

33 thoughts on “Fansigns

  1. So what are the requirements for open fan signs ? and how do you know if it’s open or closed ? The fan cafe doesn’t say anything about it being open or closed. I never made it in time for the application period but I really wanna just see them there.


  2. Ohh… it’s almost impossible to get in there… Now I am really upset.
    Why is everything so hard? It’s almost impossible to get tickets to their concerts. And I am talking about prices, all the tickets were sold out in 4 minutes…
    Aghhh, I will probably never gonna see them


    1. AH same I GOT THE DAMN TICKETS AND ACCIDENTLY CLICKED OFF THE PAGE BECUASE I ALMOST FAINTED. I didn’t think I got them. And when I clicked off I cried and cried. I honestly felt like killing my self.


  3. Pls help me i wanna go to fansign for bts how can i go ? I mean i know there are requirements but how do i know that i can enter that fansign pls help


    1. Me too . I understand it’s like being in the US gives you a little bit of the action when really you want to the whole thing .


  4. Hello, Im going to Korea soon and bts is having a fanmeet while Im staying in seoul. Can you guys help me with The translation and instructions to buy a album and get a lottery ticket? Im really desperate!! Please 😦 ❤


  5. Hello, I’ve heard that some idols don’t accept gifts and some others have very strict rules when giving gifts to the idols. For example EXO, do you know what kind of gifts are not allowed? I’m planning to go and I already know what I want to give to one of them, but I don’t know if they won’t let me give it to him. Thanks.


  6. To make this easy…just find a Korean friend who went to almost every single fansign of BTS and ask them for help…I’m in Malaysia……气死我算了🙄


    1. See I would but now a days it’s hard to just find a Korean friend who has gone to all of those BTS fansigns … If I could do that I would be happy to go to a fansigns but 1) I’m in the US , and 2) trying to find out what I need to do is a little confusing.


    2. Hello ! Im wondering who your friend is since i plan to spent so much money to go to a fansign and im really searching for people who actually went!!!! I’m saving money i even have a part time job and working my ass off just to meet them in person. I hope you could help me with telling me who your friend is TT. Thanks for reading and I hope you can go too one day!!!


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