Stage Name : V (뷔)
Real Name : Kim Taehyung (김태형)
Role : Vocals
Birthday : December 30th 1995
Height: 178cm
Weight: 58kg

v profile FINAL


8 thoughts on “V

  1. I like you a lot more than what you think,,,,, you really cute in every singleway!,,
    Actually your fooling around to all of bts member is my favourite video to watch,,, more awkward moment happened more cuttest you are,,,


  2. How can you not? I know most people say this but your just adorable! You dream big like family and most people like you because you dream huge. Traveling one big dream of mine because I want to see other countries not just the one I was born on so your lucky. One word to describe you is Kim because we dont want to change you EVER. I think languages are amazing my favorite word in Korean is love because love is amazing and it’s fun to spell. If we ever meet you can teach me Korean and I help you with English. If I ever travel I travel places no one goes like…Vermont amazing mnts and views or Romania amazing culture you know So thank you for being you😜😝


  3. 😍 yes I like you and I hope I will see you soon in Germany. I want to know you better. I hope you like me too when you see me maybe 😊


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