[Announcement] Official Notice of Semi-Hiatus

Hello everyone.

It is a gloomy day for us here at ARMY Base as we have decided to OFFICIALLY go on SEMI-HIATUS.

As we have mentioned before, maintaining the fanbase has been a struggle lately, with everyone in the team getting more and more responsibilities in real life – growing older, getting into college, getting tied up in jobs, family and health issues, as well as traveling and moving out.

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[Announcement] BTS Melon Support Projects

Hello, ARMYs! As we all know, BTS is back with <WINGS: You Never Walk Alone> with ‘Spring Day‘ as their title track! While the physical album pre-sales records have been rocketing, it is important to know that digital sales take a HUGE part in helping BTS win in music shows. In fact, digital sales take the highest percentage in the criteria for winning in MOST of the shows, especially on Inkigayo, where the criteria for winning no longer includes live voting.

Below is a list of projects to help ARMYs purchase passes on Melon to stream ‘Spring Day‘ and help raise Bangtan’s chances of winning music shows. Please also stream the rest of the songs from the album in a playlist, to help them reap more awards on this year’s award shows.

This list consists of fanbases and individual fans willing to help in getting passes! These are also labeled according to which country they are willing to help in (for those people without Paypal and can’t pay online).

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[Article] BTS [2ND MUSTER: ZIP CODE 22920]


Before we start, we’d like to thank the following people who willingly helped us with all they could to make this as complete and as accurate as possible: Hana (twitter.com/HANAbear_), Kelly (twitter.com/daegucypher), Heya (twitter.com/VJ9597), and Rina (twitter.com/rinakookie). You guys rock!

This compilation includes a list of performances, notable words, and memorable moments made with BTS at the 2nd Muster that happened last January 24th. We also took the time to look for available photos and videos showing some of these moments written here. One thing to note, however, is that NOT ALL of these are exactly in the right order. It’s one thing to remember what they said, but remembering them in chronological order is another! We just tried our best to make them chronologically arranged (with what everyone who worked on this with us remembers), but mostly, we just tried to make it all flow smoothly while fitting all the fan accounts in place.

Still, we hope that through this, you can relive these moments as if you were part of the thousands of ARMYs who attended the BTS Official Global Fanmeeting: [2nd Muster: Zip Code 22920] on January 24th, 2016.

Thank you for supporting ARMY Base. Enjoy reading.

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