[Tutorial] How to Stream Songs on Melon App

– How to make a melon account: here
– How to download the melon app on Android devices: here
– How to download the melon app on iOS devices: here
– How to buy a melon streaming pass via iTunes: here
– How to download songs on melon app: here

You need to stream the song ONCE every hour. Make sure to log out or at least clear your History after every streaming session.

1. Open the Melon App on your phone or other device.


2. Click on the menu button to get to the settings.


3. This is what it will look like if you use an Android device. Click on the gear button now.


4. Here you can change a lot of different settings. For now, though, click on 로그인 to login.


5. Enter your ID and password and click on the green button.


6. A window will pop up, giving you the option of purchasing a streaming pass with a discount of 100 Won. This option is only available for Korean fans, though, so to proceed, just click 취소.


7. Now click on the magnifier icon to get to the search option.


8. Search for “방탄소년단”.


9. Click on the play button next to the song you want to stream.


10. Make sure to like the song by clicking on the heart.
11. Listen to the COMPLETE song to make it count! (Please note that you need a streaming pass in order to do so! Without a streaming pass you can listen to the song for only 1 minute – as you can see on the screenshot – and it will NOT count towards Digital Sales!)
12. Do NOT mute the song.
13. Use the random player to stream the song.


14. After you finished streaming, you need to delete your history. To do so, click on the left button on the bottom.


15. Now click on 편집 at the top right.


16. Click on 전체선택 to select all songs, then clear your history by clicking on the trash bin.


17. Click on 확인 to confirm your action.


18. Log out once you finished streaming by going back to the settings.


19. Now click on 로그아웃 to log out.


20. For the next stream session just log in again and follow the same procedure!


21 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How to Stream Songs on Melon App

  1. I don’t understand one pass can only stream one song or wat?or like some ppl said one pass can stream the whole album but where to click to stream the whole album song?cuz I stream I click one by one the song tats why I also curious others say I got like 50 something pass then can stream 1000+ times


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