[Photo] J-Hope at Joy Dance & Plug In Music Academy


Gwangju Academy’s Jung Hoseok (J-Hope/of BTS) relayed a message of support to the audition trainees of Joy Dance & Plug In Music Academy.

It was a message for the juniors who are training hard at Joy Dance Academy with the same dream that J-Hope had when he was younger.

Furthermore, Hyungman Moon, a friend (of J-Hope) at the academy in Mokpo, received his support and thanked him for thinking about him..you are so cool J-Hope^^

(Anticipating) promotions in Korea in July and August*, he has said that he is working hard on a new album, staying up until dawn, in order to let his fans listen to even better music!

Much thanks to J-Hope, who gave us a handwritten signature and message, as well as the rest of the BTS members. We will give much support to your future promotions and activities 

(T/N: *This was posted on July 19th, before the official announcement of their comeback on September (announced July 24th). The post has been deleted since.)

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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