[Trans] 170705 Group BTS Announced Their New Brand Identity (BI)


On the 5th of July, BTS revealed a surprise release of a motion graphic video on their Official Fancafe,  SNS Channel, and homepage that denotes BTS and their fanclub ARMY’s brand identity.

The video started off with a copy text, “See you there”, revealing a small beam of light in the middle of the screen, followed by a silhouette of a door. The door opens slowly and passes through the door toward the light. It ends with the new signature of BTS and ARMY on each side and a narration by Rap Monster, “Beyond The Scene, BTS”.

The new BI symbolized youth who open the door and move forward to grow up without settling for the present reality. In order to express the moment of youth depicted by BTS’ image, their fan club ARMY is visualized in the design as (the figure) that members face when they open the door.

The brand definition is expanded to a concept that encompasses the past and the future. They added a meaning “Beyond The Scene”, which is ‘Youth that keeps on chasing their dreams and growing without settling on the present reality’, while keeping the meaning “Boys who block the suppression and prejudice on teens.”

Big Hit entertainment explained, “We defined and visualized the idea so it can include albums’ concepts and promotions as as time passes.”

“The new BI is a result of a one-year project of design consultation between the company executives, employees and the members, along with the fan’s hopes through research and FGI (focus group interview) process” added Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS expressed through twitter regarding the new BI, “I really like the new BI and have been anticipating day by day to show it to you quickly. Above all, I feel great because BTS and ARMYs are connected into one due to the meaning behind it.”

The new BI will be applied on BTS’ goods and content platforms, fan related MD (merchandise) and partnership products after its announcement on the 5th.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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