[News] 170620 BTS’ New Project ‘Love Yourself’, Recruiting Writers for ‘Storytelling’ Differentiation


“Words that best support people.”
Each member will have a drama-esque production.
Recruiting writers and searching for actors/actresses.
Originality by intertwining storytelling.
Acceleration of fandom growth through empathy with fans.

As the first K-pop idols to win a prize at the Billboard Music Awards, the new project of seven-member group BTS’ has been unveiled.

BTS is in the midst of preparing for their next album with the theme, ‘Love Yourself’. Each member is preparing a video with a story that is formatted like a drama and will be releasing them sequentially as plans to communicate with the public. For this work, their entertainment company has been recruiting recently influential story writers. In order to find actors/actresses who will act with BTS, they (BigHit Entertainment) are looking into many different entertainment companies. Representatives have conservatively stated, “In preparation for the new album, it is correct that we did recruit writers” although “a detailed concept has not been decided yet”.

At the ‘2017 Billboard Music Awards’ that opened at the end of last month , BTS’ leader Rap Monster shouted “Love Yourself” in his English acceptance speech after having received the ‘Top Social Artist’ award. This ultimately looks like it was meant as a key word for BTS’ next move.

In a K-Pop market centralizing dance, music, and concepts, BTS has emphasized ‘story-telling’ and brought a new change (to the market). After their debut in 2013, they sang about teens’ dreams and joys through the ‘School Trilogy’ and shined light on youth graduating from high school in the 2015 ‘HYYH’ series. From 2016 onwards, they focused on the wavering youth through world-renowned novelist Hermann Hesse’s bildungsroman novel* ‘Demian’.

Having won the trophy by surpassing pop stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande at the Billboard Music Awards, BTS has already become world-class superstars. The driving force is self-sustaining abilities. BTS, who are not ‘planned-idols’ who take on the set image their entertainment company has decided for them, have the ability to compose, write lyrics, and participate in album production as well. The ‘Love Yourself’ that is being presented by them is a concept that is connected to the next step of BTS to reach a new stage of success after passing the stage of the wandering youth.

One member of the music industry stated, “BTS has awakened the importance of storytelling in the K-pop industry,” and added, “Beyond simply singing and dancing well, they live with the consistent mannerism of communicating and sympathizing with the world.”

(T/N: – *bildungsroman novel = a novel dealing with one person’s formative years or spiritual education.
– As of time of writing this translation, BigHit reps have responded to this initial article.)

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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