[Video] 170616 V on tvN’s ‘Shake Up The Classroom’

Sung Dong Il: *calling*

Boy: *gasps* whoaa

SDI: Wait a bit-

VO: The Hallyu star who shocked the boy fan is???

B: Saranghaeyo (I love you)!

Panel: (laughs)

Panel 1: Wow, he’s really excited!

SDI: Taehyung-ah, your fan is here!

Panel VO: It seems like BTS is really popular these days! *sounds of agreement from others*

B: *sings Attack on Bangtan*

SDI: Oooh~ Should I give Taehyung a call?

SDI: He said he’s a fan of yours, so I called you~

V: Oh really?

SDI: Yup, (to boy) Sing a song! Sing BTS’ song.

V: (in English) Show me (Let me hear) your voice!

B: *sings Boy in Luv*

V: Wooow~

SDI: Surprising, isn’t it? Taehyung-ah, let’s have a drink in Korea, okay? *panel laughs at him inviting V to drinks*

SDI: *showing V on the phone screen to the kids*

SDI: (to Taehyung) You’re really popular~! Our Taehyungie~ (Really popular) in America!

(T/N: Sung Dong Il is V’s co-star in ‘Hwarang’.)

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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