[Trans] 170502 BTS is Addicted to Indonesian Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Watch here

I: This is not the first time you’ve visited Indonesia. What do you think about Indonesia after visiting in 2015?
SG: Because I have a lot of great memories about Indonesia from the last time, I hoped that I would be able to experience the same feeling this time. When we’re rehearsing, even though we don’t have that much time, I would see our fans in the concert venue. It’s a country with passionate fans. And also, I think that this is a country that I would like to revisit for the following concert tours in the future…. Ah, personally I really like Indonesian cuisine. I like to eat (Indonesian cuisine) in Itaewon. I really like nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice). Everytime i go abroad, I would search for ‘nasi goreng’ and eat it.
I: Even in Korea?
SG: Yes, I go to Itaewon to eat it.
JK: He goes there almost everyday
SG: I tried something before doing this interview, the food suits with my taste. I really like it. I was also recommended to eat something, what was the name…, but I will try it for sure.
I: Is there anything else other than ‘nasi goreng’?
RM: Mie goreng
SG: Everytime I go abroad, I will try the local food (in that country). But, I really like Indonesian cuisine. Snacks. The shrimp crackers are really good. Those crackers made out of shrimp.
RM: The chocolate sandwich here is really good.
JK: Chocolate sandwich?
RM: The one in the hotel.
JK: Ah right, I ate that one as well.
I: Last night?
JK: In the room
RM: Chocolate sandwich, but it tastes really good
SG: I didn’t eat it, I went straight to bed
RM: Please sing for us~
*JK sings*

JM: Thank you
J: I love you
V: I love you
RM: Very beautiful
JM: I love you
V/J : I love you
RM: Stay tune to CNNIndonesia for more updates about BTS, korean culture and entertainment

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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