[Trans] 170502 BTS: Indonesian ARMYs Are Pretty

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I: If you have chance to go on a date with Indonesian ARMYs, which part of Indonesia would like to bring them?
J: Sulawesi Island is really pretty. I’ve visited Sulawesi. It’s really a beautiful island.
RM: Do you wanna go together (with me)?
J: No, but it’s a beautiful island. If I have the chance to go somewhere with someone, I would like to recommend Sulawesi.
I: Where did you visit? Manado?
RM: It’s a different one.
J: No, it’s the same. It’s Manado.
I: Kota Manado?
J: Yes. (I visited) Manado
RM: If you talk about Indonesia, shouldn’t it be Bali?
I: Right
JM: Right, it (must be) Bali.
RM: I really like the series “What Happened in Bali?”. Anyway, I really want to visit Bali.
SG: Is it like this one? *does a gesture*
RM: He knows it
JK: I don’t know

I: Could you please recommend your favourite books to ARMYs?
J-Hope: I would like to recommend Geul Baeu’s ‘Don’t Worry’.
RM: Is it his real name?
JH: No, it’s a pen name. Nickname. That book consists of short essays and photos that were taken by the author. It’s a really good book.
RM: I also would like to recommend a book. This book has a lot of illustrations in it, I can’t remember the title as it’s quite long. It tells a story about a person who visits all the small shops around Korea for 10-20years. The author illustrated the shops and wrote about it.
J: That’s right, that’s right.
RM: I bought and read the book. It’s really interesting because the illustrations are good.
JM: I can’t recommend the book that I read, it’s very..
RM: Then, don’t talk about it.
JK: Recently, I read ‘Siwon School’*. It’s a good book.
RM: You bought the book?
JK: Yes.
RM: Are you in the midst of reading the book?
JK: Yes, I’m reading the book.
RM: Siwon School

I: Do you have any questions that you would like to ask ARMYs?
JM: Do you have anything to ask to ARMYs, Jungkook-ssi?
JK: Why are you.. that beautiful?
J: (laughs at how JK did it)
V: Then show us once
J: Why are you.. that beautiful?

I: Please greet the Indonesian ARMYs
RM: V hasn’t talked that much.
V: Hello, we are BTS. Nice to meet you. Please anticipate us.
J: We learned some Indonesian phrases.
J: Indonesian ARMYs, we love you! We love you!
JM; I also learned a phrase. I wasn’t gonna say it, but I’ll say it. Indonesian ARMYs, I love you!
V: Are there any popular Indonesian phrases right now?
JM: Aku cinta kalian
JK: I hope we can meet you often.
V: Are there any popular Indonesian phrases right now?
I: Ah, something like slangs? Slangs?
RM: Yes, something like that. Phrases that are trendy. (Phrases that are) syndrome?
JM: (Words that are) famous.
RM: Famous phrases.
I: “Jangan baper”
RM: ‘Jangan bapar’
I: “Jangan Baper”
RM: ‘Jangan baper’
I: It’s really viral these days, it means like “Don’t get to emotional”
V: “Jangan baper”

-* Siwon School is an english-learning book.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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