[Trans] 170502 BTS ‘Attack en Masse’ to Contribute in Making New Albums

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — BTS came to Indonesia to hold a concert last Saturday (29/4) in ICE Serpong. The concert is titled BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour.

In the interview with CNNIndonesia.com, BTS shared stories from when they were preparing for their latest album, You Never Walk Alone. Was it fun preparing for that album?

Video transcript
I- Interviewer

I: We’ll start. It’s nice to meet you, everyone.
BTS: Hello
RM: How are you?
RM: Hello, Indonesia. How are you? We are BTS
I: I’m CNNIndonesia’s reporter, Resty. First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you. We will start asking some questions.
JH: How is her Korean so good?
I: About the ‘You Never Walk Alone’ (YNWA) album, could you please tell us about it and what makes it different from the previous albums?
RM: First of all, YNWA album includes songs from the previous album, ‘Wings’, and the album’s title track is ‘Spring Day’. The difference between this album and previous albums is that this album contains a bit more melodic songs. Before this (album), we composed songs that we’d usually perform on stage, such as ‘Not Today’, etc.

I: Could you please tell us one by one which is your favourite song from this album?
JH: I really like ‘Wings: Outro’. Please give it a lot of love because I contributed in (making) it.
JM: I really like ‘Spring Day’ because it’s the first time we choose such a melodic song to be our title song. As such, I really like this song.
RM: I also really like ‘Spring Day’ as it charted really high on various music charts. I would like to say thank you to ‘Spring Day’.
JK: I also really like ‘Spring Day’. The music video also has the highest number of views, and the result (on how it charted) was the best out of the other (songs). I also often listen to this song. Hence, ‘Spring Day’ (is the song I like the most).
J: It’s ‘Spring Day’ for me as well. We released ‘Spring Day’ when it was spring in South Korea, so it makes our feelings warm and it’s very suitable (for the season). Therefore, I really, very very, like ‘Spring Day’.
SG: I like ‘Not Today’. I enjoyed performing this song. Please give it a lot of support and love.
V: I like ‘Cypher’.
JM: It’s (your favourite song) from this album.
RM: The question was your favourite song from this album.
V: Ah, i really like ‘Wings: Outro’. Because, there’s a killer part by J-Hope that makes the song really good. I like the song.

I: Did each of you participate in the making of this album, just like the previous albums?
JH: Our leader contributed a lot for this album.
JK: True, Rap Monster contributed a lot.
RM: I think it’s a great honour that I was able to write songs for this album. Does anyone want to share more about their contributions in the making of this album?
JK: I wrote a lot of melodies for ‘YNWA’ songs.
RM: Which part?
JM: I didn’t know. Which one?
JK: I wrote… But, they didn’t put it in the album.
J: You too? Me too.
RM: They wrote.
J: We wrote.
JK: We wrote (the melodies). They said that it was good, yet it wasn’t used in the song
J: Because the melodies in the songs are better.
JK: It’s unfortunate. I will try writing songs next time.
RM: But, we worked really hard to be able to participate in the making of the album.
JK: That’s right. Anyone else (wants to talk about their contributions)?
JM: In my case, I tried my best to participate in ‘Spring Day’, but they didn’t used mine. I will work much harder in the future.
RM: I feel that the producers for this song are really professional.
JK: Recently, V re-wrote the melody of ‘Spring Day’
RM: V-omnal*
J: Please show us~
*V sings*
J: Oh, it’s good
JK/JH: It’s nice.

I: Next, your music videos always have mysterious plots that make fans question the meanings behind them. Did you think them up? Were they made this way purposely?
JK: Mysterious?
I: Yes, such as hidden messages.
JK: We just followed the concepts that were made (by the production team). However, we are sometimes surprised during the shooting (of the music video) as well, like “oh, there’s a continuation of this story like this” or “oh, we’re doing a concept like this”. We are surprised as well. We are very grateful to fans who are interested in this. I hope you continue to give us lots of love in the future.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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