[Others] 170526 Gamer Yulmu’s Father Posted Jungkook’s Mention

First, thank you so much! After having woken up from my sleep, a lot of people informed me (about this). Out of a number of interviews, Jungkook mentioned Yulmu’s Father on one! Hahaha Um… this may seem abrupt but ever since a long time ago, I have had the utmost respect for BTS’ ‘Jungkook’. Hahaha;; As a fellow Widow* user, fighting.
I sincerely congratulate you on receiving the “Top Social Artist” award that onl the most popular musicians on worldwide social networks can receive. Haha~~ Well, I guess I’ll meet you when the opportunity arises. BTS fighting!

(T/N: *Widowmaker is the name of a character in Overwatch. / He was one of the gamers mentioned by BTS during their interview with Yahoo Esports.)

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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