[News] 170515 BTS’s Suga, Reason Why His Producer Path is Looked Forward to


Boy group BTS’ member Suga is gaining attention as a new producing idol. In the midst of his busy life, he is concentrating on music and his efforts are beginning shine.

Suran’s ‘Wine’, that Suga participated as a composer and a producer, was in number one position for over thirteen days after it’s release on the 27th. He left a remarkable score even though it was his first time producing outside artist’s song other than his own mixtape and BTS songs.

It’s is rare to see an idol group member producing songs for other artists while still being in an idol group and having it led to such good results. It is especially hard for a member of a group who is earning global recognition like BTS to work on other artist’s songs because one’s focus on the group activities are high.

Suga released his first mixtape last August. It was between the end of ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ series in May and the beginning of the ‘WINGS’ series in October of last year. At the time, Suga was praised by Billboard, Fuse TV, and other world-class music medias for telling his own stories in his mixtape without being lazy. He was recognized for constantly trying to attempt and challenge music with new subjects, without resting in the K-pop market.

Suga is currently on a world tour that consists of approximately 400,000 people. He spends more time abroad than in Korea. According to Suga’s agency, he is devoted and constantly committed to his songs when he gets a chance. Suga is looked forward to show some new music in the future after his mixtape and Suran’s ‘Wine.’

Summary & Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
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