[Others] 170419 VIXX’s N Mentions Jimin in an Interview


Interviewer: A while ago, you collaborated with BTS’ Jimin on a contemporary (contemp) dance piece. Was it your first time trying the contemp style?

N: No, I’ve been dancing since I was very young, so it wasn’t my first time doing contemp. It was really fun, having the chance to dance in front of everyone, it was a great experience so I felt really happy while practicing. Also, since Jimin and I, members of BTS and VIXX, are already friends, and we didn’t know anyone else there other than each other, we had a very good time working with each other. While practicing, we also chatted about a lot of things.

Interviewer: So for this collaboration with Jimin for contemp, did you face any difficulties while working together or did any funny incidents occur? Could you share them with us?

N: We didn’t face much difficulties… it’s just that after (the choreographer) taught us the dance and we watched the video of the choreography, even though the dance teacher was present initially, she wasn’t there when we were preparing for the special stage, so we could only rely on the video to practice. Jimin and I split the dance into parts and each of us memorized a part and then taught each other the parts we memorized. So this was one of the good memories I made.

Interviewer: So there was delegation of tasks between the two of you.

N: Yes. Additionally, since our styles were really very different, while dancing, even though we were doing the same moves, it was obvious that our styles weren’t the same. However, since we both admired each other’s style a lot, we would discuss and share a lot of things with each other. Hence while we practiced, I would give some suggestions and he would do so as well, resulting in us helping each other a lot.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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