[Others] 170510 PSY Mentions BTS in an Interview


PSY “BTS’ Billboard achievements are very admirable, don’t feel pressured”

At a press conference for the release of his new album, PSY showed affection towards junior boy group BTS.

When asked to give comments for his juniors who are active on the US Billboard Charts, like BTS, he said, “BTS is very unique. It’s eye-opening.” BTS has released an album full of songs they’ve produced and have broken records for the highest charting K-Pop group on the Billboard Main Chart. They will also be attending the Billboard Music Awards later this month.

He also added, “I have a very special/unique case with how I expanded into the overseas market, but so do these juniors. It’s like they’ve received a result they didn’t intend or even think about. They are extremely popular locally. From what I know, they’re even attending the Billboard Music Awards.  Of course, all the juniors work hard, but during my ‘Daddy’ promotions, I met BTS at a music program rehearsal. They danced to the point where I thought their bones would break, they work so hard. They are worth the attention they are getting and I feel like they will keep moving forward. Unlike them, I have no visuals (good looks), so there’s not much advice I can give them. But one thing I ask of them and want to tell them is that whether they last long or not, they already have an impressive record as an Asian artist, so they shouldn’t feel any pressure (T/N: feel burdened by their achievements).”

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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