[Others] 170502 Singer MoonMoon Mentions Jungkook in an Interview


MoonMoon “IU and BTS Jungkook’s recommendation, it’s such an honor.”

[…] And on April 22nd, BTS’ Jungkook played “Contrail” and sang along to the entire song on V app live.

Interviewer: BTS’ Jungkook also did a cover of ‘Contrail’ live. What kind of relationship/connection do you have with Jungkook (?)

We have no relation/connection at all. I happened to see this video later as well. I feel so happy and grateful. Right after his broadcast, ‘Contrail’ entered the (music) chart for a little while.

(T/N: His song was recommended by Jungkook on his “Kookie Live” broadcasted on V LIVE last 170422.)

Summary & Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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