[News] 170430 BTS Wings Tour in Jakarta – Fluent in Speaking Indonesian, Bangtan Made Indonesian Fans Excited


TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – BTS finally held their first ever concert in Indonesia, entitled ‘2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR in Jakarta’.

This concert was held on 29 April 2017 at 6:30PM WIB (GMT +7) in Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD-City (ICE-BSD).

The first BTS concert in Indonesia started with an astonishing opening act through their comeback song “Not Today”.

Ever since the introduction session, the members seemed very active to greet fans with Indonesian that sounds quite fluent (sounds native).

From the beginning of the concert where Rap Monster greeted the fans with “Indonesia ARMY apa kabar?” (Indonesian ARMYs, How are you?”.. till the following sessions, BTS looked like they were enjoying the interaction with the fans in Indonesian.

During the last session, before the closing act, BTS gave their thoughts and memories about Indonesia.

“This is our first concert (in Indonesia), did you guys enjoy it? Thanks to you all, we had so much fun. See you soon! I love you all (in) Jakarta!” Suga said.

Surprisingly for Jin, who has visited Sulawesi, still remembers about  his visit.

“I’ve been to Sulawesi, Sulawesi is really beautiful, but Jakarta is also beautiful. I love Jakarta. I love you all!” said Jin, who couldn’t hold his excitement as he received a massive cheerful response from the Indonesian fans.

Moreover, the fans were made more excited when J-Hope gave his his thoughts and (talked about) memories that were really sweet!

“To our beloved Indonesian ARMYs. You are our wings. Thanks to you all, we could fly!” said J-Hope not forgetting to give his wide happy smile for the Indonesian ARMYs that attended.

Indonesian ARMYs were even more flustered with Jimin’s speech.

“Did you miss us? We do, too (miss you)! I love you!” said Jimin. His speech received loud cheers from the fans in ICE BSD City last night (29/4).

“The concert is almost finished. I know you all don’t want this to end, right?” continued V that was answered with the shouts of “Yes” from the fans.

Not to forget, V ended his speech with “I love you” (in Indonesian).

Rap Monster ended the segment with heart-warming words. “I’m very happy. (I am) able to visit Jakarta. Thank you for the beautiful memories. I will miss you all. Indonesian ARMYs are really beautiful!” spoke the leader of BTS who was immediately responded with a excited cheers from the fans.

BTS’ Concert that was promoted by IME Indonesia seems to have succeeded in making fans indulged in the show with a lot of fanservice, such as posing in front of the fans’ camera to noticing some projects from Indonesian ARMYs.

Cheers to BTS and Indonesian ARMYs! Daebak!

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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