[News] 170430 BTS’ Cheerful Indonesian Chatters During the Concert


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A huge white cloth slowly goes down from the the top of the stage, unveiling the 7 members of the South Korean boyband, BTS. At exactly 6:30PM WIB*(GMT+7), the group under Big Hit Entertainment started their first ever concert in Jakarta with their hit song, ‘Not Today’.

“How are you? We are BTS.” BTS’ Rap Monster said immediately after finishing the song ‘Not Today’ at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition(ICE), BSD, Tangerang, Saturday (29/4).

After introducing themselves one by one, BTS sang 3 songs in a row—Am I wrong, Silver Spoon, and another hit song, Dope.

Jungkook (the vocalist) then sang a solo track from the album ‘Wings’ and ‘You Never Walk Alone’, which is entitled Begin. It was followed by Jimin singing ‘Lie’ and Suga performing ‘First Love’.

After those 3 solo performances, Jimin, Jungkook, V and Jin then appeared on stage wearing red-themed shirts. The four of them sang ‘Lost’.

All BTS members then gathered back on stage to perform ‘Save Me’ and ‘I Need You’.

Rap Monster then performed a solo written and composed by himself: ‘Reflection’. It was then followed by V singing ‘Stigma’, J-Hope with ‘Mama’ and Jin with ‘Awake’.

BTS fired up the concert when rap-line performed ‘Cypher Pt.4’, then followed by ‘Fire’ sang by all seven members.

It was time for BTS to converse with their fans directly.

“To the left! To the right! Everyone sori jilleo (make some noise)!” J-Hope cried out in Indonesian mixed with Korean. That shocked the ARMY—the nickname for their fanbase—attending. Surprisingly, rapper Jung Hoseok said that sentence naturally.

Hearing the ARMYs still half-astonished with what J-Hope said, Suga cried out, “Louder please!” Naturally, the ARMY got even more amazed.

After hearing the ARMY screaming louder, BTS then continued their performance with a medley of ‘N.O.’, ‘No More Dream’, ‘Boy In Luv’, ‘Danger’ and ‘Run’. Afterwards, they sang ’21st Century Girls’.

As if wanting to surprise and indulge the ARMY, BTS members then showed off their prowess of speaking Indonesian. They alternately said words in the language to steal the hearts of their fanbase in Jakarta.

“Good? Happy? Really?” asked Jimin.

“Like it?” Jungkook inquired.

“Awesome?” questions Suga.

“Fun right? I’m glad.” V stated.

“Thank you for all your responses. Jakarta, are you still with us til the end? This is the last song,” Rap Monster declared in English and Indonesian.

They then performed ‘Boy Meets Evil’ and their hit song ‘Blood Sweat Tears’.

The performance of those 2 songs ended with the stage lights dimming. Gradually, nearly all the ARMY turned off their lightsticks while screaming the classic. “Encore! Encore! Encore!”

A few minutes later, all 7 BTS members appeared onstage one by one to perform ‘Outro: Wings’.

Not wanting to part ways in the usual way, BTS again showed off their skills in speaking Indonesian. Although they still depend on the monitor screens by their feet to avoid mispronunciation, their pronunciation almost matched that of a (native) Indonesian.

“This is our first concert in Jakarta, but thanks to you guys I enjoyed it. See you. I love you all,” Suga said followed by the thousands of ARMY screaming.

Jungkook added, “I hope to see you guys often. Without you, we won’t remember it. We’re always together. Thank you very much.”

Having experienced an adventure in the forest of North Sulawesi, the oldest member Jin then spoke. “Did you guys have fun with us today? I went to Sulawesi and it was very beautiful, but Jakarta is beautiful as well. I love Jakarta. I love you,” he said.


J-Hope exclaimed, “For the dearest ARMY, you are our wings. Because of you, we can fly. Let’s fly together. Saranghae (I love you).”

“I’m so happy to hold a concert in Jakarta. Thank you for the beautiful memories. I will miss you all. Indonesia is so beautiful,” Rap Monster said.

Not wanting to be left out, Jimin then executed his actions. “ARMY, do you miss us? We do, too (miss Indonesian ARMYs). I’m touched by your feelings. Thank you Indonesian ARMY. I love you,” he said.

Closing the ‘Show off in Indonesian’ session, V stated, “Too bad the time is almost over. The concert will finish, right? Thank you for being here. I love you.”

The group who had their debut in 2013 closed their show with ‘2! 3!’ and hit ‘Spring Day’ in succession, before saying their goodbyes to the ARMY at 9 PM sharp.

“Thank you! Today has been fun,” Rap Monster ended.


-* WIB is the West Indonesian Time equivalent to GMT+7

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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