[Others] 170427 Suran Mentions Suga in an Interview


‘WINE’ is a trendy hip-hop R&B song with electro-pop and future base sentiments, themed around breaking up and remembering memories with a lover over (a glass of) wine. It’s a good combination of a groovy rhythm, sensitive melody and (Suran’s) emotions. This song gathered a lot of attention, especially because BTS’ Suga produced it and hot trendy rapper, Changmo, featured (in) it.

Suran, who placed top on a music chart said, “I got my very first 1st place win after debut. This wasn’t accomplished by my strength alone, but was also thanks to those who made this song – BTS’ Suga, Slow Rabbit, June and Changmo – who participated in the featuring. It’s more meaningful because everyone made it together and I’m so thankful. I’m really happy that I got to let the public listen to my voice and music through this opportunity. Please look forward to my mini album and music that’ll come out in the future,” through Sports Chosun on the 27th.

She also thanked BTS’ Suga, who was in charge of producing, for giving her a perfect song that suited her, and rapper Changmo for featuring. Suran said, “I had a hard and gloomy time while working on my music alone last year. While talking to Suga about music-related things then,  I completed the current ‘WINE’. I gained a lot of strength and energy while working together (with him) and I’m thankful that the song came out well. I’m also thankful that Changmo, whom I’ve been a fan of, listened to my music and gladly agreed to feature. I think the nice rap made this song even better. Thank you.”

It’s a first for Suga, who has been participating as a producer of BTS’ albums and his own mixtape, to produce music for another artist. Suran participated in Suga’s mixtape, ‘Agust D’, through a vocal featuring in b-side track, ‘So Far Away’ that was released last year. Since they’ve already worked with a special chemistry together before, Suga presented an R&B hip-hop song that brought out Suran’s strengths.

Summary & Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
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