[Others] 170425 BTS Mentioned in an Article About Seo Taeji’s 25th Anniversary Remake Project


While it was revealed on the 24th that group BTS would be participating in the Seo Taiji remake project ’25’ and is gathering interest, co-ed trio Urban Zakapa and DEAN (Kwon Hyuk, 25) are also joining. There are plans to add two to three more teams (in addition to Urban Jakapa and DEAN). Therefore, from performance based idols to deep, emotional vocalists, a variety of different juniors are participating (in the project).

The singers who will participate in the ’25’ project will take the stage at Jamsil Olympic Stadium during Seo Taiji’s 25th Anniversary concert. It was revealed on April 12th that Seo Taiji would be collaborating with juniors for his 25th anniversary concert. Seo Taiji’s remake project ’25’ is in commemoration of his 25th year anniversary since debut and this project was planned as a means to connect with juniors and create meaningful music as a gift for the public.

BTS performed ‘Classroom Idea’ at the 2016 KBS Song Festival, which was revealed to have left a strong impression on Seo Taiji.

Summary & Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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