[News] 170421 Suga x Suran Collab



Suga, who has been helping produce BTS’ albums and his own solo mixtape, is expanding his horizons as this is the first time he is producing music for other artists. As Suga is in charge of song-writing and producing, and Suran is currently a trendy musician who is a top choice for featurings, the two’s collaboration is expected to receive a lot of attention from music fans.

– http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003522443&lfrom=twitter

Suran’s management company, Million Market, has stated that Suran has wrapped up the recording for ‘If I Get Drunk Today’, a song produced by BTS’ Suga.

This is the first time Suga is producing for another artist other than BTS or himself, so attention is being drawn towards the result of his synergy with Suran.

Suran participated in the track ‘So Far Away’ on Suga’s mixtape ‘Agust D’. After the release of ‘So Far Away’, they received hot/good reviews from fans who have been requesting another collaboration ever since. There are big expectations for their connection that would have deepened further through the production of this song.

‘If I Get Drunk Today’ is a trendy hip-hop R&B song with a pop based groove. It tells the story of someone who broke up with their significant other, remembering their memories while drinking wine.

Summary and Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
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