[Trans] 170404 Interview w/ BTS: Kpop Breaking Records Every Second

Filling stadiums outside of Asia is an achievement few Kpop groups can claim, but for BTS, it is an easy task to fulfill.

The Bangtan Boys (BTS), one of the most popular bands in South Korea, started their international tour Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour in February this year. With many upcoming dates, the tour is already causing rage around the world. Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jimin and Jin began their tour in Seoul. After traveling across the ocean and visiting their ARMYs in Latin America, holding full concerts in Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, they then moved on to the United States.  They performed in stadiums full of fans who have waited a long time to see them live. The two-and-a-half hour show was filled with them singing and dancing to their latest hits like “Not Today”, “Spring Day”, and “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, along with some of their older songs. Before returning to Asia, the boys took time to talk to us after their concert in New York, disclosing more details about their trip to Latin America and the United States.


How does your audience from around the world differ?

Rap Monster: The climate of the region influences the audiences quite a bit. South American people have a lot of energy, which caught my attention.
Jin: It’s amazing how wherever we go, they all sing to our songs in unison, even while speaking so many different languages.
JK: Although each country has a different aura, they all share a common energy with us.

Any anecdote or special memory from your concerts in South America and the United States?

RM: In the United States, our ARMYs gave us an unforgettable rainbow ocean. We want to reach the whole world with our music, regardless of their (fans’) color, taste, or identity, and the rainbow represents that for us. And in Chile, our fans gave us a banner with a slogan that had a small spelling error, but we found it adorable!
JK:  The best thing is that in all countries people, have fun and sing throughout (the entire concert).
Jimin : I was very moved by the audience in both South and North America. Our fans are passionate, but at the same time very warm.
SUGA : I was impressed by the energy of the audience in Brazil!
Jin: J-Hope brought a hat he bought at the Chicago Aquarium on stage and it was great.
J-Hope : Yes! And at the Chicago aquarium, I also saw a beluga whale for the first time.
V : Brazil was very special. The energy and vibrancy they shared with us definitely reached our hearts.


Out of all the outfits you have worn for the concert, which is your favourite?

SUGA: The velvet robe I wear during “Cypher PT.4.” I specially requested that design for that song and it suits me well.
J-Hope:  I think that’s my favorite look also. I also wear a pair of round glasses along with the robe and I love the combination.
RM:  Personally, I really like the outfit I wear during “Save Me” and “I Need U”. It’s light, emphasizes my figure, and I feel comfortable in it.
Jin: The white shirt with the BTS logo I wear during “Spring Day”. It’s comfortable and makes me look younger.
Jimin: I personally love blazers and the burgundy one is my favorite.
JK: For me, it’s also the burgundy suit we wear for FIRE. It’s amazing!
V:  The pale pink blazer I wear for “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. It looks the most sophisticated and looks great on me.

What rituals do you have before going up on stage?

RM: We have a phrase that we always repeat before going on stage. Translated into Spanish, it would be: BT – BT – BTS.
JK:  I tell myself: “This could be the last show of your life, so try your hardest to make it perfect.”

Did you guys try any special meals while in Latin America?

Jin:  I ate so many tacos! They were delicious. We wanted to try authentic tacos from Mexico and it was definitely a dream come true.
J-Hope : We also tried some very tasty wines in Chile!
Jimin:  I love Mexican food, so I ate tacos and burritos. They were incredible.
JK: I don’t remember the exact name of what it was, but I loved the sweet breads that I tried. I ate a lot while in South America.

Having broken records on YouTube, Billboard, iTunes, concerts, etc., what is a record you would love to break in the future?

RM and V: Billboard Hot 100
Jin:  The Guinness Word Record for longest lasting boy band in history.
J-Hope: All the music rankings in the world and for holding the biggest concerts.
SUGA : My own hours of sleep.
Jimin: The truth is, I don’t focus too much on the records that we can break, but more on stretching my own limits and becoming better every day.
JK: The same goes for me. I want to be able to break my own limits.


If you had a day to do whatever you wanted away from the other members, what would you do?

RM:  I would probably visit a park or a river. I like to be alone and listen to music, and it would be even better if it was with nature.
SUGA: I would travel to the past.
Jin: Skydiving.
J-Hope:  I can’t imagine doing anything without the members at my side.
Jimin: I’ve never thought about it (doing something without the members).
V: I would never (do anything without the members).
JK: Backpacking the world alone.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



5 thoughts on “[Trans] 170404 Interview w/ BTS: Kpop Breaking Records Every Second

  1. Wow, as one group, each think and feels differently, but each member complements the group. They’re fated to be one. Fighting!


  2. Jungkook, I will help you backpacking the world but I’ll make sure you’re not alone 😊😊. Saranghae Jungkook and that is Infinity 😚😚

    #JeonKook ♡♡


  3. Jungkook, I will help you backpacking the world but I’ll make sure you’re not alone 😊😊. Saranghae Jungkook and that is Infinity 😚😚

    #JeonKook ♡♡
    #BTS 😻😻😻


  4. J-Hope: I can’t imagine doing anything without the members at my side.
    Jimin: I’ve never thought about it (doing something without the members).
    V: I would never (do anything without the members).

    These three are so loyal. haha.


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