[Trans] 161013 Birthday Talk to You: Jimin


The trendy group who caused an all-kill as soon as they came back with their 2nd full album ‘WINGS’, BTS’ (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) lead vocal and lead dancer Jimin (Park Jimin) had his birthday on the 13th. He was born on October 13th, 1995.

His cute face and sweet gaze appeal his cuteness but once he takes off his shirt and reveals his abs, he shows his opposite charms, capturing the attention of many females.

Although he couldn’t rest because his comeback stage on Mnet’s ‘Mcountdown’ is on his birthday, he expressed his birthday as a “happy day because of all the birthday wishes received from my members and fans”. He also mentions that he is honored and is very thankful, <Focus News> listened to more of Jimin’s birthday thoughts and stories.


Q. What do you think will you be doing on your birthday?
A: “Since it’s right after our comeback, I’ll probably be doing promotions.”

Q. Thoughts on your birthday?
A: “Because I received many birthday wishes from my members, fans, and people around me, it is such an honor and this day could not be anything else but a happy one.”

Q. What do birthdays mean to you?
A: “Honestly, I don’t put much importance onto my birthdays. But, I’m very thankful for everyone’s birthday wishes.”

Q. Thoughts on getting older?
A: “I don’t really pay much attention to the fact that I’m aging. Every time I get a year older, I think more about whether I’ve grown as a person in various perspectives.”

Q. What age are you most looking forward to being?
A: “26? I’m so curious to see how I’ll have grown, what kind of image BTS will have and what kinds of music we’ll be making, what kinds of performances we’ll do, and what I’ll be doing with what kinds of friends.”

Q. What was your conception dream?
A: “My mother and father had different conception dreams. In my father’s dream, a dragon came out and in my mother’s dream, there was a shining pepper on a big tree.”

(T/N: Conception dreams are dreams that are said to foretell the conception or birth of a child, dreamt by the future mother or people close to her.)

Q. The birthday you remember most?
A: “Every birthday from my first birthday in Seoul to now! It’s because my first birthday in Seoul was the first time I celebrated my birthday with my members, and ’til now, I receive a lot of love from the members, the people around me, and the fans.”

Q. A special present you’ve received?
A: “Two years ago, I was practicing in the practice room and my members came in and held a surprise birthday party for me. I was really surprised and felt touched out of thankfulness.”

Q. A present you want to receive in the future?
A: “Maybe not this year, but in the future, I want to have a concert on my birthday.”

Q. If you’re given a break for your birthday, what would you want to do?
A: “Of course a vacation. I really want to go on a vacation with my members. That’s a vacation that I would want to go to again and again.”

Q. A celebrity you want to receive a birthday wish from?
A: “HOMME. I think it would be an honor if the HOMME hyungs congratulated me on my birthday with a song.”

Q. Imagine your birthday in 10 years?
A: “Even then, wouldn’t I be celebrating my birthday with my members?”

Q. Anyone you want to thank on your birthday?
A: “My family. I’m happy because my mother, father, and younger sibling always have my back. I love them (my family). My members. I’m always thankful that they always celebrate with a lacking me, I really love them a lot. Our fans, ARMYs. I don’t even know if I deserve this much celebration from everyone. I will love everyone as much as I have received. Our company family members. They always work hard for us and I’m always thankful. Thank you so much.”

Q. Anything you want to say to yourself on your birthday?
A: “Let’s eat a lot and not get hurt!”

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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