[Trans] 160218 Birthday Talk to You: J-Hope


J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), who is in charge of rap and dance in the group, was born on February 18th, 1994.

Hopeful oppa J-Hope brings automatic smiles to fans’ faces with his kind, bright actions and words. “I wish I could be young and immature forever” is a special, hopeful phrase that he said as we listened to a variety of different stories about his birthday.

Q. Thoughts on your birthday?
A: “This is my third birthday after debut. Although I am excited and happy for my birthday that comes only once a year, (I realize) I am also slowly aging, so there is sadness that comes with it, too. I wish I could be young and immature forever. He he”

Q. What do birthdays mean to you?
A: “Honestly, I don’t put a huge importance for my birthdays. Just a day where you gain a year in age?!? He he Because the fans put so much meaning behind it, I too have come to think, ‘At least for my birthday, I’ll spend it joyfully with the people who love me’.”

Q. Thoughts on getting older?
A: “I truly didn’t care even up to last year, but strangely, this year I thought, ‘Ah, I too am getting old.’ Time sure flies.”

Q. On your birthday, what words do you want and not want to hear?
A: “Words I don’t want to hear: ‘Are you happy/excited because it’s your birthday~?!?’.. Isn’t it reasonable to be happy/excited on my birthday. Haha. Words I want to hear are, of course, ‘Happy Birthday’ greetings from everyone. It may seem like an obvious phrase to hear [‘Happy Birthday’ on your birthday], but it can unexpectedly be harder to hear on your birthday than you think. I want to receive birthday greetings from many people!”

Q. What was your conception dream?
A: “My mother dreamt that she was riding three black horses in the wilderness.”

(T/N: Conception dreams are dreams that are said to foretell the conception or birth of a child, dreamt by the future mother or people close to her.)

Q. The birthday you remember most?
A: “The first birthday I had after debut, I was the victim of a hidden camera prank and it was truly unforgettable. They (members, staff) said it was in order to monitor (review) a showcase, but suddenly, my parents appeared on video and I cried out an amazing amount of tears…kyaa~”


Q. If you had to pick a special present that you received [in the past]?
A: “I have received many presents, however, letters are the best! It’s because they are personally handwritten by the fans, with sincerity in them!”

Q. A present you want to receive in the future?
A: “I would like to receive the love of many fans as a present! I am happy because of the love you all give me. Please love me in the future, too! I guess I’ll have to do better in the future, right?”

Q. If you’re given a break for your birthday, what would you want to do?
A: “I want to have a small party with the good people around me. Like a party out of a scene in a foreign movie?!?”

Q. A celebrity you want to receive a birthday wish from?
A: “I want to meet all the seniors that I like! I would like to receive birthday greetings from TVXQ’s Yunho senior and BigBang’s Seungri senior. Oh, also, I want to receive a birthday greeting from our Bang PD.”

Q. What was a birthday wish you made when you were younger? Did it ever come true?
A: “I wished for my family’s happiness ever since I was little, but I am happy that they continue to live happily. I wish that we could all stay this happy forever.”

Q. Imagine your birthday in 10 years?
A: “On my birthday, 10 years later, I think the BTS members and I will be comfortably eating pork belly and drinking soju as we spend time together. Kekeke.”

Q. Anyone you want to thank on your birthday?
A: “I want to say thank you to my parents who are the reason I exist in this world. I also want to thank all the hardworking family at Big Hit Entertainment. Also, to our ARMY who are giving me this much love at this very moment, I am always eternally grateful and in love with you all. I love you!!”

Q. Anything you want to say to yourself on your birthday?
A: “Hope-ah! Age is just a number! Don’t worry about those things and remember (these times you have) right now—times when you are receiving love! These are the good/happy times~!”

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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