[Trans] 151230 Birthday Talk to You: V


The last day of the year came closer with the 30th. Group BTS’ handsome member V (V/Kim Taehyung), who brings out the smiles of noonas with his unusual but cute actions, will be celebrating his birthday today. He was born on December 30th, 1995.

Both title songs ‘I Need U’ of ‘Hwayangyeonhwa Part 1’, released in May and ‘RUN’ of ‘Hwayangyeonhwa Part 2’, released on the 30th of last month became hits, one after the other, becoming ‘trends’ this year. Group BTS is having their best year yet, and we listened to the special birthday thoughts of the member in charge of bringing in fans, V.

Q: Your thoughts on your birthday?
A: “Oh yeah!!!! It’s my birthday. I want to spend the most delightful day in the world on my birthday.”

Q: It seems like you won’t be able to have a party because your birthday coincides with (BTS) promotional activities. Aren’t you sad?
A: “It’s very unfortunate. However, I am now more comfortable and am used to spending my birthday during promotions with my members. I like it most when we are eating food and talking like we usually do.”

Q: How do you feel about getting older?
A: “Besides myself, all the people around me are mainly 24, 25 year-olds, so I’m still considered young and am not that stressed out yet [about age].”

Q: What age are you most looking forward to? What would the reason be?
A: “I think my current age is the best. I’m kind of curious as to what it’ll feel like once I’m an adult after aging a little more.”

Q: What was your conception dream?
A: “My dad bet a game of billiards with a dragon and won, so he received a yeouiju*, but I came out of it~ Incredible, isn’t it?”

Q: What was your most memorable birthday?
A: “My birthday last year! I did a cover of a song called, ‘Someone Like You’ and uploaded it because I felt that I was always only receiving things from the fans, and they really liked it a lot. After seeing that the fans liked it, I had a very good mood, too.”

Q: Is there a birthday present that you want to receive?
A: “I want to receive a family trip pass that allows my family and I to happily go on vacation together.”

Q: If you receive a birthday vacation later, what is something that you definitely want to do?
A: “I want to go a family trip. I also want to take a family picture together as displayed on TV.”

Q: What was a birthday wish you made when you were younger? Did it ever come true?
A: “My biggest wish was for my Dad, Mom and the rest of my family to have good health. I don’t know if it was because I wished this for 20 years without missing a single year, but my parents are still healthy~!”

Q: What would you like your birthday 10 years from now to be like?”
A: “Rather than receiving congratulatory birthday greetings, I just want to invite all of the people around me and throw a huge party.”

Q: What would you like to say to yourself on your birthday?
A: “Congratulations, Taehyung-ah! Even though you are doing really great right now, you still lack a lot~ Even if it gets hard and tough in the future, I want you to tackle whatever it is with the same hardworking attitude and happy spirit that you have now. I’m congratulating you once again, bbyong~ bye~”

(T/N: *a yeouiju is a cintamani or a wish-fulfilling jewel that is believed to have been derived from early Hindu and Buddhist traditions.)


Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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