[Others] 170401 BTS Mentioned on Kangnam Style Ep. 3


BTS MV Fashion Analysis ‘Not Today’

Kangnam: Wow. Rap Monster is so cool. It looks like the New York or LA (style). They also have a cute concept. They have cute and cool concepts. It seems like they’re all really close. Also, these people are so good at performing. They really stand out when I watch music shows because they’re so good. They practice right after a schedule for a couple of hours before going to music shows. Practice never disappoints. Should we watch their MV? BTS Not Today. Let’s go! It looks like a Hollywood movie. Hollywood movie. Is this in another country? Oh, Rap Monster. Wow, how many dancers did they use?

[Stage clothes: street items that have a feeling of spring.]

Since it’s spring, it has to go well with the season. I thought they were gonna wear black suits or black school uniforms, but instead, they wore bright hip-hop clothes. Where is this? Wow. The movements and angles of their hand are all exactly the same. They must have practiced a lot. Oh, to be honest, their performances are cooler than their style. Did you see how all their feet are the same? (replays part of the MV to re-watch choreography) Their feet are the same, all of them. They probably paid each dancer like 200,000 Won. Then how much is it for the dancers alone. This MV was probably really expensive to film. They paid for the place, camera, and all the staff. Oh, they even went outside so even more money. Wow, they probably paid a lot for this. Aren’t those expensive cameras also? Yeah, these are expensive cameras. Woah, what is this? (replays part of the MV to re-watch the stage) They made a stage? I think approximately 30,000,000 Won for the stage. Adding the cost of the dancers and everything, they probably went more than 100,000,000 Won. They even used fans. Big fans. Wow, the scale is different. They filmed this overnight, too? Woah, there are even more dancers. Ya, this is so cool. They’re different as I expected. Ah~ probably 100,000,000 Won. Wow so cool.

(T/N: Won is the monetary unit of Korea.)


#StreetFashion #SchoolLook

PD: BTS’ clothes are ‘street fashion’ style.

[Street fashion: fashion trend that can easily be seen on the street that’s not originated from a designer.]

Kangnam: Ah, street fashion. Oh did they film an ad? They did film an ad. This is BTS. So kind of like freedom, yeah, sense of freedom. Clothes I usually wear have a similar feel (as theirs). Why are you laughing? Hold on, who just laughed? Oh stylist hyung. This one looks like a shcool uniform. Didn’t they start out with school uniform concept on music shows? Right?

[BTS Boy In Luv (2014) One of BTS’ representative songs that stole girls’ hearts with tough lyrics and school look style.]

[School look: fashion that reminds people of school uniform. Can be styled with various colors and items.]

Yeah this is what they looked like when I first saw them, school uniform feel. I thought they looked so cool when they wore school uniforms. I think school uniforms really suit this team well. I still look a lot like a high school student when I wear a school uniform, even though I’m 31. It sees like no one’s believing me. I like school uniforms.

PD: Do you remember any school uniform style from Japan?

If someone had their shirt unbuttoned, I’d assume that student is scary. Also, students from other schools would start a fight if your shirt was unbuttoned, to see who’s stronger. That’s why I always had my shirt buttoned. I never unbuttoned my shirt.

Analysis Part 2 #RapMonster #Jungkook #Jimin

Kangnam: Jungkook* Singing Contest! This person looks cute. Rider jacket. He has a manly fashion sense. Who is this person next to him? Jimin? Jimin looks cool.
(T/N: *Play on words because the Korean pronunciation of the word ‘national’ in the name of the TV program, ‘National Singing Contest,’ is similar to the pronunciation of Jungkook.)

(pointing at a picture of JK) I like this. Sewoon hyung (Kangnam’s stylist), I like this. Doesn’t it look cool?

Stylist: It doesn’t suit you.

Kangnam: Oh, really? He cuts me off so harshly. This (style) does suit me! It doesn’t suit me?

[Kangnam hyung~ This is Bangtan Style]

(looking at picture of RM) Oh, Rap Monster is cool! I like this style also. Simple and neat. Wow, so cool. I’m very jealous that these types of eye accessories suit him. (looking at another picture of RM) He’s cute, seeing him like this, right? Rap Monster is really popular, right? (looking at another picture of RM) Cool, he wears clothes well. This is the type of pants I said I bought earlier. They said you aren’t supposed to wear socks with these types of pants, but he wore really long socks.

[BTS TokTok 2: Successful matching of the top and socks complete a witty and sophisticated style.]

(looking at an airport picture of RM) He probably would’ve been very scared to wear this type of outfit. If you were this (outfit), you may be self-conscious about whether or not you’re wearing the clothes well, but because he wears it so confidently, it looks very cool, right? It looks so pretty. Rap Monster’s the best at wearing clothes in BTS, right? He’s smart and wears clothes well.


Can’t Miss Today’s Best BTS

Everyone, it’s time for Trendy TokTok. Last time there was a picture of hulnam.
(T/N: ‘hulnam’ translates to ‘shocking man,’ also a wordplay on his name, Kangnam)

Yeah, hulnam. Don’t post stuff like that. I was a bit shocked by that. I’m trying to wear clothes better now. I even bought some pants for the first time, ones with shorter ankle cuts.

[Slacks: Word from ‘slack,’ which means loos. Pants with wide bottoms that end at the calves.]

I bought pants that Choo Sunghoon would wear. Anyways, we’re going to search for styles for today’s Trendy TokTok. They’re the best these days, BTS. You guys know BTS, right?

Audio: Learning newest fashion trends from the stars, Trendy TokTok. Music stars who shined in the first half of the year. There are many unique and stylish stage clothes. Change is a must for stars who have to try different concepts in a short time. There’s a star who changes concepts frequently without a problem and is leading a new trend. It’s BTS, 7 multi-talented boys. Sweeping all the charts as soon as they release their songs, gaining interest worldwide, and placing first among Korean boy group brands. Music that grabs the public’s attention and leads trends. Please pay special attention to their styling that is new to men’s fashion (singing Blood Sweat & Tears) Hot trend, BTS (we) want fashion information, a lot a lot~

Let’s take a look in Trendy TokTok.

 Following BTS’ Hat Styling

Kangnam: Here’s what we have prepared: some hats. This is a kind of hat I normally wear, a ball cap.

[Ball cap: Means ‘baseball hat.’ The cap is short and curved.]

Why is the bill so long? Is there a person like this (who can fit in the cap)? Who’s head can be this big except for Choi Hongman hyung? Covering (my face) like this, doesn’t it look ok? This is how I normally look. This is the beanie.

[Beanie: Headpiece that’s worn over your head tightly like a bandana.]

Isn’t this way too small? Why are all of the sizes like this? How do I even wear this/ Or maybe this just sits on top of your head? Nope, it doesn’t fit. Or should I maybe wear it loose? Yea like this, right? This is funny, too. Who’s is this?

(holding a beret) Isn’t this my mom’s? But BTS was wearing this one. How do I look? Everyone who just laughed, come out. What are these called? What are these called? Beret?

[Beret: Hat without a bill that’s round and flat.]

This will probably look good on me. Two people laughed just now. Isn’t it ok? o?

(holding a bucket hat) This one will look really good (on me).

[Bucket hat: Also called ”soldiers’ hat’ that is shaped like an upside down bucket.]

You’ll be surprised. How do I look? Black is for men. Isn’t here a saying like that? If you wear it with black clothing, it gives off a cool vibe.

And like this, a beanie. You can wear a beanie with anything, even when you wear a coat.

Also I don’t know about this. If you put it on and think it looks bad, take it off right away. If it looks good like it does on BTS, wear it but if not it’d be better to take it off immediately. And if the size is small, don’t wear it, it hurts your head.

Bills like this, doesn’t it (ball caps) come out like this nowadays? With long bills, right? Give this to me. I think it looks good on me. It makes my face look smaller. Worn the right way, hats make people who look good with hats look cool. Yeah I always wear hats. Looks ok, right? Everyone fighting with fashion, wear hats the right way. Fighting.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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