[Others] 170331 BTS Mentioned on Kangnam Style

Kangnam: BTS… B..T..S..Ah yes. They are very popular internationally and are very popular in Japan, too. High school students love them very much. Should we take a look at their overall image? Why are they all so black? (referring to BTS’ fashion). Is black their concept? This is at an awards show. Oh, taxid (tuxedo). They are all black. They are all very handsome.

(looking at an airport picture of V) Oh? Is this BTS? It’s like a manhwa (cartoon). With a long black coat and a mask, (he) is very handsome.

We should take a look at their private lives.
PD: Plain clothes!
Plain clothes, plain clothes
(T/N: Kangnam mixed up the Korean word for private life and plain clothes.)

(scrolling through pictures of V) V, V. He’s handsome. He looks like an actor.

(looking at an airport picture of V) Oh, those pants are very unique. Those aren’t sweatpants, right? It looks so cool. These types of pants are pretty. They look very comfortable, yet cool. (notices the Gucci slippers) Oh! Those are slippers! Oh, very cool. I like this type of style. Because you can wear this comfortably yet still look cool.

(finds another picture of V in baggy clothing) Like this. These things. Isn’t wearing big and cute clothing like this cool? I really like this. What do you call this type of clothing? Knit? Wearing it like that makes it look good.

[BTS TokTok 1 Oversized matching top and bottom to emphasize cuteness in a boyfriend style]

(looking at picture of V in a beret) Oh, this type of hat. Amazing. Isn’t it really hard to pull off a look like this with a beret? He wears clothes really well. Did a stylist do it for him? Did he do it himself? He probably did it himself, right? Cool.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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