[News] 170330 Superstars, falling for BTS


Group BTS set a new record on the Billboard Social 50 Chart or ranking first for 18 consecutive weeks. Billboard also reported that their live interview with BTS recorded the largest number of live viewers yet. It is not surprising that pop singer Charlie Puth and the child actress Kylie Rogers have confessed to being fans.

After concerts in Chile and Brazil in March, BTS have embarked on their American tour. With multiple records, BTS are confirming their ‘K-pop trend’ status. Due to concerts on the 23rd-24th in Newark, 19th in Chicago, and April 1st-2nd in Anaheim, BTS are meeting many American fans.

BTS ranked first on the Billboard Social 50 Chart for 18 consecutive weeks and have been topping Ariana Grande ever since the chart began. Billboard’s live interview with BTS in Manhattan, New York before the Newark concert, attracted about 18,000 people online, making it the highest number of live viewers ever recorded.

Thanks to this momentum, BTS have captures the hearts of world class stars. On the 26th, pop star Charlie Puth said, “I really like BTS’ music” via SNS. Charlie Puth was No. 1 on the Billboard Singles Chart for 12 consecutive weeks in 2015. Child star, Kylie Rogers, who became famous after her Hollywood movie, ‘Fathers and Daughters,’ also showed her excitement about the upcoming concert through SNS. On the 27th, she posted Going to BTS’ concert” with much excitement. Russell Crowe, who played the father role in the movie, gave her a BTS tour ticket as a birthday gift.

BTS is starting to see their popularity in America. They were interviewed by various media outlets such as FOX 4 News, and iHeartRadio; an article was written about them by the New York Times. BTS’ accomplishments signal that K-pop is reaching the masses beyond their culture and is being enjoyed by many enthusiasts.

Summary & Trans by ARMY BASE | @bangtanitl
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