[Others] 170324 Suga Mentioned on Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling Ep. 29

Tak Jaehoon: I have a daughter in her third year of middle school right now. I was so shocked yesterday because my daughter suddenly told me that she wanted to go to Daegu. I asked whether it was because there was a concert being held by an artist that she likes, but she said there was a famous soondae (Korean sausage) soup restaurant in Daegu. So I asked her, “Do you even know what soondae soup is?” and she said she did. So I told her that I would take her to the famous soondae soup restaurant nearby Gangnam first. But she said it was fine and kept insisting that there was a really famous soondae soup restaurant in Daegu.

Shin Dongyup: Wow, a middle school girl?

Tak Jaehoon: Yup, she said she really wanted to go there and try it for herself.

Seo Janghoon: Does she show interest in foods shown on TV?

Tak Jaehoon: No, it was the first time I heard her say anything like that, so I was very surprised. When I was in middle school, I never would’ve dreamt of going to the countryside alone in order to eat at a restaurant. But kids these days say things that are unimaginable.

Seo Janghoon: Kids these days don’t really like to eat things like soondae soup.

Lady guest: Yup, alcoholics are the ones who like that stuff. (laughter)

Tak Jaehoon: Should I call her right now? To find out exactly where this famous soondae soup place in Daegu is that she’s so crazy about? At that time, I was in a hurry so I didn’t get to hear why she wanted to go. I was so shocked.

[Phone call conversation]
Soyul: Yes?
TJH: Soyul?
Soyul: Yes?
TJH: Why did you say you were going to Daegu?
Soyul: What?
TJH: Daegu…
Soyul: Oh, to eat soondae soup.
TJH: But why did you absolutely have to eat soondae soup?
Lady guest: She probably used that as an excuse to hang out with her friends somewhere.
TJH: I agree. (back to Soyul) You didn’t use that as an excuse to go hang with your friends somewhere, right?
Soyul: Of course not. Let’s go to the soondae soup restaurant.
Seo Janghoon: Ask her if she’s had it before.
TJH: Have you tried eating soondae soup before?
Soyul: No… ah wait, I have! I tried it once, a long time ago with mom.
TJH: Alright. (about to hang up the phone call)
Soyul: But dad, the thing is… the truth is… the reason I want to go is…
TJH and lady guests collectively: I knew there was something else.
Soyul: That soondae soup restaurant is a newly opened restaurant and the owner is Suga’s mother.
TJH: Ahhh. So that’s why you want to go. Alright, I got it, let’s not talk to each other over the phone for a while. (laughter) I’ll call you later, bye.
[Call ended]

Shin Dongyup: Ahh, so it was a restaurant owned by an idol group member’s mother.
Everyone collectively: Of course.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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