[Others] 161229 Jang Moonbok, Hip-Hop Artist and Produce 101 S2 Contestant, Mentions BTS on V LIVE



I said this lat time, too, but I contact Taehyung (V) occasionally. Because its the of the year, Taehyung is very busy, so we only keep in contact through KakaoTalk.

Taehyung and I attended the same high school in Daegu. I graduated high school and Taehyung came to Seoul first.

I guess I’ll have to tell you this too. Taehyung and I are from the same high school but we first met in the restroom. We first met in the restroom and he said that he watched me on Superstar K, so (that time) I first lifted my lips (started rapping) was when I first met Taehyung. The first time we met was in the restroom, yup. But apparently, he meets most of his acquaintances for the first time in the restroom. (laughing)

(reading viewer’s comment) ‘How was Taehyung in school?’ He is probably the same way as he is now. Playful, innocent, and very kind. (reading viewer’s comment) ‘Who’s the most handsome (in BTS)?’ Of course, our Taehyung is the most handsome. (laughing) If I do this, then its too obvious that my arms are bending inwards.*
(T/N: Korean idiom used to describe when things are done in a way that one’s family or friends prosper and benefit rather than a collective.)

(reading viewer’s comment) ‘Because it came up on Twitter.’ Yes, that’s right. Everyone thought I was a girl back them. There was talk going around at the time that I was Taehyung’s younger sister or girlfriend. But a few minutes later, another photo came up where I turned around (facing the camera) and everyone said they were deceived. I had so much fun seeing everyones reactions at the time. I fell for Taehyung’s sense (of humor).
(T/N: V pulled a joke on fans once, where he posted a photo of him with a person with long hair. Everyone thought it was a girl, but it turned out to be just Moonbok.)

Right, right. (clapping) I almost forgot about this! You’re right, tomorrow is BTS’ V, Taehyung’s birthday. December 30th. Tomorrow is his birthday. I was remembering it but it came out of the comments here. When Taehyung turns on V app tomorrow, on BTS senior’s channel, please leave many birthday greeting comments on it everyone. Please wish him a happy birthday.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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