[News] 170322 Stars with fresh smiles… ‘Kim Goeun – EXO Xiumin – BTS Jimin’


There is a word that always accompanies spring, and that word is ‘fresh.’ There are stars who convey such freshness within their smiles. They are ‘Kim Goeun – EXO Xiumin – BTS Jimin.’

‘Jimin, aren’t you spring’s mochi? The mochi whose smile gives heart attacks, BTS Jimin’

Another muggle-attacker*, BTS Jimin has a cute nickname called “manggaeddeok” (soft rice cake). His smile has the scent of sticky rice powder, causing fans to pass out everytime he smiles even wider. Even though he is becoming manlier and is losing his baby fat, his charms are not going anywhere.

BTS is setting incredible records in and out of Korea. These records are continuing to increase the possibilities of them becoming a long-lasting group.

Apparently, if you have a pretty smile, you’ve also got a lot of pretty luck. I cheer for these people, who are very busy with their schedule, to have only happy moments from now onwards.

(T/N: *Muggle is a term that originally came from Harry Potter but is now used in other communities to describe a person who is not part of that certain community. In K-Pop, a muggle-attacker is an idol who turns non-fans into fans by using their charms.)

Summary & Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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