[News] 161117 BTS, “2016, it will live in my memory until the day I die”


“I think this year was important enough to be remembered for the rest of my life!”

BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook) won 2 bonsang awards, the AAA Best Artist award and the AAA Best Icon award, at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards (2016 ‘AAA’) which took place November 16th at the Grand Peace Hall in Kyung Hee University in Seoul.

During their acceptance speech, BTS said “We are very happy that we’ve received such an honorable award. I don’t even know if we deserve to receive such a big award like this. We will work hard to show you even better performances to match this big award.”

It was truly remarkable. BTS released full albums ‘화양연화 Young Forever’, ‘WINGS’, Japanese singles ‘I NEED U’, ‘RUN’, and more. They released a lot of music this year, and are growing to be one of Korea’s greatest idol groups.

BTS proved their active promotions of 2016 to be a success through their results. BTS had their ‘WINGS’ promotions in October, sweeping the music charts along with 6 crowns (1st place trophies) on music programs. They even set a new record by selling 680,000 albums in October, and placing #1 on Gaon’s monthly album chart.

BTS also entered the Billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks, placing 26th, the highest for any Korean artists. In the number 1 spot, BTS topped the Billboard World Album and Digital Song charts, topped Japan’s Tower Records overall Album Weekly Chart, topped China’s Yinyuetai weekly V Chart for the region of Korea, topped the ITunes Charts of 97 different countries all around the world, and topped America’s Apple Music charts, and many more. They are showing shocking results not only in Asia but also intercontinentally.

Certainly, the members have very fond memories of their promotions. That is because these results were not an easy task to achieve for BTS, who are on their 4th year together since debut.

Jimin: “I believe that results are based on how hard you work for them and year 2016 confirmed that for me. It was a year where many unforgettable memories were made.”

Suga: “This year is a year that will be remembered until the day I die. This is possible because of all of you guys (ARMYs).”

Rap Monster: “That’s right. 2016 was the year that our dreams became a reality. A lot more people have discovered us and I think that gives us much more responsibilities. However, it isn’t burdensome. Having more responsibility also means there are going to be more special things to come.”

Jin: “We were able to set a lot of records. It was a really eventful and cheerful year. A year full of good things. I think this is because of all the people cheering for us. I’m very thankful.”


In an interview with STARNEWS in September, BTS said their goals were: “a daesang and to be worldwide artists.” BTS’ results this year were so incredible that they’ve gotten even closer to achieving this goal. Humbly, they said “Instead of chasing a daesang or a title as worldwide artists, if we work as hard as usual, then one day, it will dawn unto us that we have achieved all our dreams.”

BTS picked fans, company-mates, and family as the reason they are where they are today.

“ARMYs (BTS’ official fanclub) are always there to support us. We can’t imagine our life without ARMYs. We can’t forget Bang Shihyuk PD, the Big Hit staff, and the many musicians who have inspired us.”

We can’t leave out BTS’ ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ popularity, the title track of their exceedingly  successful promotions this year, ‘WINGS’. ‘WINGS’ is about a young boy’s conflict with nature and having to face the temptation that comes with adulthood. There are 15 songs including the title track ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’. Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope participated in the production of ‘Blood Sweat, & Tears’. The song shows more of their sexy charm rather than their usual strong and powerful image.

BTS said “We didn’t expect to receive so much love from ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ because ‘FIRE’ was really well received. We really didn’t prepare for ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ to become as popular as it is now.”

There was one thing that had the fans worried as BTS ran, out of breath, through their promotions: Rap Monster’s break in promotions. Rap Monster got heat exhaustion last July and he also took a break last September when he got stress fractures. Rap Monster said “I hope fans don’t worry about me too much. I am replenishing my health by sleeping often and going in for my regular health check-ups.”

We brought up the topic of late 20’s to BTS who are already standing at their ‘climax.’ By that time, BTS will probably have and will be faced with many crossroads and turning points. BTS simply laughed and said “We can’t even imagine it yet.”

V: “I think it’ll be interesting. I look forward to seeing the members as mature men. However, for now, I still want to enjoy life and go through each and every day happily.”

Jungkook: “I believe that I should work hard for a happier future. One thing that definitely won’t change in the future is the fact that I will still be with my hyungs and ARMY.” (Jungkook)

What are BTS’ unachieved dreams, other than a daesang or a worldwide artist? There was a variety of answers from the members.

J-Hope: “To meet all the ARMYs around the world. I want to meet them all one day.”

Jimin: “To be a team that we think is cool. I think we still have many flaws, but a day will come when we finally perceive ourselves as cool, right?”

Suga: “I just want to be a good person, a cool person.”

Rap Monster and Jin: “To go to a vacation far away with the members, even if it’s only for a few days. I want time to ourselves so we can share stories and talk to each other.”

Jungkook: “I think growth is more important than anything. The goal is to continuously gain experience and to be an artist who inspires other people.”

“V: We have lots of dreams—dreams we’ve achieved and dreams we still haven’t. Our consistent goal is to receive lots of love while showing our 7 members’ squabbling selves.”

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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