[Others] 170318 J Black, Hip Hop Dancer Based in Korea, Mentions BTS on V LIVE



Although BTS and I have never met before, it almost feels like we’ve already made a union, especially J-Hope. Also, we’ve never spoken to each other, but I feel like we are meeting each other once or twice a week now.

The reason why I like BTS?

The very first reason is – I always say this, but – I automatically like anyone who likes me. However, I already know about BTS. They are the most popular Korean idols right now, so there is no way that I’ve never heard of their name. Also, I went as a judge to a youth dance competition, and most of the groups danced to BTS’ ‘FIRE.’ Honestly, without exaggeration, if there were about 20 teams (who participated), 15 teams danced to BTS’ songs. At the time, ‘FIRE’ was a recent song, so I wondered, ‘Whose song is this? Why is this song so popular? Why is everyone dancing to this song?’, but I learend that it was BTS’ music. After that, I realized how popular BTS was and that they are really hot idols among the youth right now. Also, I thought that I shouldn’t be totally clueless to popular Korean music, so I memorized their names. And if BTS came out on different programs, I watched them carefully. After that, I heard that J-Hope mentioned me on his personal dance program, J-Hope in the street (referring to J-Hope’s V LIVE segment, ‘Hope on the Street’), and became more curious and interested. He also like hip-hop, so as someone who does hip-hop, I was every glad to hear that. There are many reasons as to why I like them.

Hope on the Street, yes Hop on the Street.

BTS’ song is playing. I danced freestyle (to this song) not too long ago.

I really like FIRE, Bultaoreunae. I personally really like this song. Honestly, I don’t really enjoy listening to popular Korean songs because I’m a street dancer. However, there are some songs that I come by once in a while that really stick with me and I really like BTS’ Bultaoreunae. I’m not trying to appeal these songs to you all. These are songs that I really listen to regularly. The music is cool, right?

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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