[Others] 170311 BTS Featured on T13 Chilean News for The Wings Tour in Santiago

BTS in Chile: High Expectations for the First Presentation of the Korean Group

News Anchor: Let’s go to Movistar Arena where there are people camping out to see a Korean pop group. Please inform us, Carolina (name of reporter).

*headline: Madness by Kpop group BTS
*headline: (Movistar Arena) packed for two concerts
*headline: K-pop: the new trend among teens

Reporter: It is total madness where I am. There are a lot of fans here awaiting Kpop group BTS, who is holding concerts at the Movistar Arena twice this March. THis will be their second time in Chile. Their fans are called ARMYs. The concert has been pretty well organized by Noix Productions. There are fans located all around the stadium, completely surrounding it. There are even people who have traveled from all over the world.

Fan 1: It’s been 26 hours since I’ve slept. We haven’t eaten or done anything but the experience is incredible. The truth is, it’s a true passion that we have and it’s a good ting that it’s not only in one country or just in Korea but all over Latin America.
Fan 2: For me and for many other ARMYs, we’ve heard them and their lyrics, and have basically fallen in love with their personalities. That is the same reason that I’ve liked them for 4 years.
Fan 3: All of them are an inspiration in my life. I can’t, I can’t… (cries)
Fan 4: I like them a lot. They mean everything (to me).
Fan 5: I am super excited. They are my happiness and energy. Their music is great and they’re fantastic.

Reporter: There are many people crying. Fans here at Movistar Arena have prepared a happy birthday song in Korean because one of the members’ birthday was yesterday.

New desk anchor: Carolina, do the ARMYs know Korean or are they just singing (memorized lyrics)?

Reporter: Many ARMYs are constantly trying to break the language barrier. (Approaching a fan) Do you understand Korean?

Fan: I personally try to learn the language by getting to know them and listening to their music.

Reporter: BTS will perform tomorrow and on Sunday at Movistar Arena.

News anchor: They will perform on Saturday and Sunday? Amazing. Thank you Carolina.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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