[News] 170314 The Success of BTS in Chile

As we entered O’Higgins Arena Park, we experienced a 180 degree change, something that has never been felt before at K-POP concerts in Chile. The euphoria began on Friday when the boys arrived in our country, greeted by a great quantity of A.R.M.Y who waited hours for their arrival. They stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in the company of their staff and dancers, where fans came and waited for them in hopes of seeing a little more of their idols.




Come March 11th, the fans were able to take pictures with the giant panels of each member located at the center of the park and were able to feel the “BTS Experience.” From the information stands by the staff of NoiX Productions and MyMusicTaste (organizers of the show) to the giant tour banners decorating the surroundings, a little bit of Korea could be felt in Chile.


The concert began, and “Not Today” ignited Movistar Arena with its impressive visual effects, pyrotechnics, and light play. Each member introduced himself and showed a little Spanish. Fans chanted all of their lyrics, and even carried out projects like banners stating ‘2! 3!’ and a beautiful waterfall of balloons for ‘Spring Day’ that excited the members. A giant A.R.M.Y BOMB was even delivered to BTS, with which J-Hope and SUGA played with on stage.


The stage was composed of two long catwalks and a second stage to the center of the enclosure, thus, presenting a greater set. Although the concert was held in two consecutive days, the boys performed on the second day with the same energy of the first, leaving us astounded at their impressive dances, change of costumes between each VCR, and unforgettable staging.


After The Wings Tour in Santiago, they will make their way to their second destination, which is Mexico, to present themselves at KCON and continue with the Tour towards Brazil. We thank Noix Productions and all those who made this great event possible. We stress the words said by BTS and hope that they return soon with a show of incredible quality.


Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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