[Others] 170213 The GDW Team, Co-producers of BTS’ Recent MVs, Mentions BTS in an Interview

Park Heeah: Amongst the boy groups, we’ve worked with BTS the most. I know there are products that we have worked together with LUMPEN’s Choi Youngsuk director. As soon as I heard that, I thought, “Our teams’ colors are very distinct, but we worked together?”

Kim Sungwook: We planned, filmed, and produced the first half, the second half was done by the LUMPEN’s director.

Park Heeah: For BTS’ ‘DOPE’, each member had their own outfit and concept. Also, in order to make it look like a one take, there were many things we had to consider.

Kim Sungwook: That’s right. At the time, there was a concept that the people in charge of outfits had and what our role was to implement the images we were given to a video, like how to express the artistic parts, what symbols to put in, what timings to put cuts in and more. Also, most people find impact in the parts of the music video cut to the next part (a different scene). But, for ‘DOPE’, there are no cuts. So I thought a lot about what ways to add fun/with to this music video. This was also the first time I was assigned to film a BTS music video. Anyway, this was a new attempt/challenge for me. Wow, but these friends dance very diligently.

Park Heeah: While working with Bang Sihyuk PD, you probably shared many discussions, I’m curious what impression you received personally.

Kim Sungwook: Out of the people I’ve met, Bang Sihyuk Pd is among those that respect his artists or directors. I think the idols, BTS, are growing similar to that image.

(T/N: GDW and LUMPENs are two separate production teams that have worked together on several BTS music videos, especially those produced since the HYYH era.)

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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