[Trans] BigHit’s Information Regarding Defamatory Remarks


This is Big Hit Entertainment.

As of November 10, 2016, we will strongly be taking legal measures against actions that include, but are not limited to, spreading malicious rumors online, false information, offensive posts, and comments that defame BTS members or our company.

The BTS members have been having a hard time with rumors and hateful comments for a long time now. We have decided to firmly deal with these acts. Big Hit Entertainment and all of BTS’ members have put in a lot of effort since their debut to accept all of the criticism and evaluation with open minds to grow and develop as artists. However, we have decided that some netizens’ behaviors have reached the point where they cannot be overlooked due to the continuous distorted criticism and habitual offense of BTS’ work, music promotions, and private life with malicious intent.

In a recent court ruling, such actions (T/N: spreading defamatory information without evidence) can be sentenced with extreme penalties, including imprisonment, under the “Information Protection Law”. In order to protect our artists’ rights, we are actively dealing with acts like ‘creating malicious posts and comments, spreading false information, and informing the press with the intent to slander artists’ in a legal manner. Together with a law firm, we are starting complaint and prosecution procedures. Additionally, artist defamation and cases of further damage that occur from now on will be firmly dealt with using all possible legal measures with no settlements.

Submission Information:

Fans who have evidence of others spreading false information with no basis, offensive insults, and/or malicious posts about BTS, please check the information below.

1) Big Hit Entertainment’s artists’ judicial affairs will be conducted internally.

When sending a screenshot, please use the email address below.

*Submission email: bighit@ibighit.com

*Submission period: ~ until 12AM KST on November 20, 2016 (Sunday)

2) In the case of sending data, in order to confirm a true crime and identify the perpetrator, we will be thankful if you send according to the criteria below:

(1) Screenshot in full screen so that the entire content in question is shown.

(2) Please make sure the URL can be seen so we can know which site and which section of the site the malicious post is present.

(3) If the content is so long that it can’t be seen in one screenshot, carefully divide the relevant content so that we can see the continuity.

(4) Make sure information about the perpetrator and malicious post, including the perpetrator’s nickname, ID, IP, date of the post, time of the post, and platform, can be seen as best as possible.

(T/N: Please be mindful of the data you are sending. In order to help Big Hit work on this more efficiently, make sure you have followed the instructions carefully. Please do not spam Big Hit’s e-mail. Thanks.)

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl

Please take out with full credits.


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