[Trans] 161109 BTS’ MD Interview: “You say we suddenly became popular? We have made our way up step by step”

Now that boy group, BTS, has performed their goodbye stage and wrapped up their promotions for their 2nd full album, ‘WINGS’, we challenged them with a very important question. We asked BTS what their thoughts were on their all-kill, their first place wins on music programs, their accomplishments on international charts, and the other various records they have broken.

Rap Monster: “The ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ promotions were tough, but nothing ever just comes to you (if you don’t work for it). The results turned out great, so I’m very happy. I’m always laughing these days.”

With this album, BTS has been on the Billboard 200 chart for 3 weeks straight, ranking as high as #26; both achievements are a first for any Korean artist. BTS picked this accomplishment as the one that means the most to them. They showed their fans how proud they were for achieving an all-kill, winning 1st place on music programs, etc. They even crashed Naver V LIVE’s server due to the explosive response from the fans before their comeback. There is a rumor that BTS has difficulty arranging live shows due to this reason. Jin said, “There is no unimportant achievement to us because they are all presents given to us by our fans.”

When we asked BTS if the feeling of popularity and growth has sunk in yet, they shook their heads in response.

Jungkook: “After our promotional period began, there was no time to experience our popularity because of our busy schedule on music shows. Even so, it was cool seeing ourselves being often mentioned on variety programs. I realized how popular we’ve become after seeing the news articles that have been posted about us.”

Suga: “Recently, I was watching MBC ‘Radio Star’, and was so taken aback when our name was mentioned. It was really cool, and I couldn’t even believe it. I think I figured out our position (of popularity) after seeing ourselves on the news.”

Many think that BTS hit ‘daebak (jackpot)’ this one time and ‘suddenly became popular’, but BTS has had many ups and downs and has put in a lot of time and effort to get to where they are now. They believe their good acknowledgment was not because of luck or good timing.

J-Hope, V: “I want to give this promotional period a 10 out of 10. The results were above my expectations; I want to give us a generous score. I feel proud because we are satisfied with the album and our fans are loving it as much as we are. That’s why I think we can give ourselves such a high rating.”

Rap Monster: “Others say that our promotions suddenly did well, but I don’t think that’s true. It’s just happens to be that now, we finally reached the surface. Even we, ourselves, wondered, ‘Why are we so slow?’. We were going up, but it was a really slow process. We’ve always worried ‘can’t we hit the jackpot with our releases just once?’, but I think this time, we’ve released something that’s gotten us really close (to the jackpot, compared to previous promotions).”

Suga: “Our promotional period may have seemed short because we didn’t appear on variety shows other than music programs, but in reality, we release albums so often that we could probably get the perfect attendance award on music programs. It’s just that more people got to know us through ‘화양연화’ (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life). Our fans know that we slowly, but surely, have been moving up.” (Suga)

Before promotions, BTS said their goal was the ‘Daesang’ award. Surprisingly, they are considerably closer to that goal. Many officials in the music industry are predicting a future Daesang win. It is because their digital, physical, and music video views (alongside other factors) do not fall far behind those of other popular groups.

Jimin: “The Daesang isn’t realistically a goal, it’s more like a vague dream. If we just continue to work hard, wouldn’t a Daesang eventually follow? We didn’t make the ‘WINGS’ album thinking ‘let’s get the 26th spot on the Billboard 200 chart!’, it just happened naturally. I think we just need to keep following our path.”

Jin: “In the past, I was very attached to what the outcome would be for each album, but now I’ve realized that I just need to work hard and let the good things follow. It was really stressful to constantly focus on the outcome, but I’ve realized that being comfortable and having fun on stage is what’s most important.”

Moreover, BTS, who have wrapped up their promotions, will be holding their 3rd fanmeeting for ARMY, ‘BTS 3RD MUSTER ARMY .ZIP+’ on November 12-13 at the Seoul Gocheok Skydome.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.



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