[Trans] BigHit’s Official Notice Regarding ‘CYPHER 4’ Track Duplication

Official Notice on ‘BTS Cypher 4’ track duplication

Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

As stated on the album’s introduction, ‘BTS Cypher 4’, a song from ‘WINGS’, which was released on October 10th, is a track that resulted from a collaboration with famous US producer, Tricky Stewart.

However, on the 11th, a day after the album was released, we were informed that the rough version of the track that Tricky Stewart created was used in 2015 by The Mo, a band from the Netherlands.

This incident is a result of a mistake on Tricky’s side, but Tricky Stewart only became aware of this mistake after BTS’ album was released, and it was a situation where it was not possible for them to notify Big Hit Entertainment (about the issue) beforehand.

Tricky Stewart and his management company have admitted to this mistake and have taken full responsibility for this incident. They have also promised to solve the issue soon and in a way that BTS won’t get harmed.

BTS’ doesn’t take any responsibility or fault for their involvement with this track and is in a situation where they are the ones being damaged. Therefore, Big Hit Entertainment was requested by Tricky Stewart’s side to release this official apology to BTS and all of their fans around the world.

Trans by ARMY Base | @bangtanitl
Please take out with full credits.


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