[Article] BTS [2ND MUSTER: ZIP CODE 22920]


Before we start, we’d like to thank the following people who willingly helped us with all they could to make this as complete and as accurate as possible: Hana (twitter.com/HANAbear_), Kelly (twitter.com/daegucypher), Heya (twitter.com/VJ9597), and Rina (twitter.com/rinakookie). You guys rock!

This compilation includes a list of performances, notable words, and memorable moments made with BTS at the 2nd Muster that happened last January 24th. We also took the time to look for available photos and videos showing some of these moments written here. One thing to note, however, is that NOT ALL of these are exactly in the right order. It’s one thing to remember what they said, but remembering them in chronological order is another! We just tried our best to make them chronologically arranged (with what everyone who worked on this with us remembers), but mostly, we just tried to make it all flow smoothly while fitting all the fan accounts in place.

Still, we hope that through this, you can relive these moments as if you were part of the thousands of ARMYs who attended the BTS Official Global Fanmeeting: [2nd Muster: Zip Code 22920] on January 24th, 2016.

Thank you for supporting ARMY Base. Enjoy reading.


January 24, 2016 | 2 PM & 7PM

Performances | Words | Moments
A Compilation by ARMY Base


1st show 2nd show
하루만(Just One Day)

좋아요 (I Like It)

– J-HOPE did aegyo but V made him stop.– JIMIN did aegyo but got embarrassed afterwards.

– While other members did aegyo, JUNGKOOK did sexy body waves for an intro (A/N:unsure if it’s to I NEED U intro).

– JUNGKOOK did a handshake with the MC. The MC also did the same handshake with the members.

– RAP MONSTER did a freestyle dance & did aegyo.

– They asked ARMYs to show their ARMY Bombs and SUGA commented about how pretty it looks.

– JUNGKOOK’s intro: I am Jungkook whose body became an adult’s, but whose mind remains to be the underage Jungkook.– RAP MONSTER was asked to sing 이사 (Moving On) live and JIMIN hugged him after. Also, after singing, everyone teased him and said he couldn’t sing.

– RAP MONSTER and JIMIN danced, but RAP MONSTER danced the “Weekly Idol dance” so JIMIN couldn’t follow

– JIN did a freestyle dance.

– SUGA told everyone to stop worrying any longer because his heart will hurt more.

– One of the members said that when he moved (to another house), he ate Jjajangmyeon.

– V calls SUGA “Chef Su”, saying that these days, he can cook Jjajangmyeon really well.

– When they were talking about how thankful they are towards ARMYs, J-HOPE shot hearts to the crowd 4 times.

– When the MC was talking, V stood up to drink water. The MC noticed and asked him to drink again for camera to focus on his throat. He got shy but still did it.



In this section, “anonymous messages” are played. The members’ voices are changed since they’re revealing secrets.

1st show 2nd show
– SUGA’s celebrity disease was revealed. This turned out to be J-HOPE. Everyone recognized his voice despite it being changed because of the way he screamed.

– V mentions SUGA’s walking habits and SUGA demonstrated by walking coolly with one hand in his pocket, licking over his thumb and bending over to stick out his butt.

– SUGA and J-HOPE hugged after SUGA’s catwalk (to supposedly make up).

– They talk about JUNGKOOK’s sleeping habits. Members said he doesn’t sleep much these past few days. He said he wants to do a lot for ARMYs (i.e. covers)

– JUNGKOOK sang a part of Tori Kelly’s Paper Hearts live.

– RAP MONSTER and JUNGKOOK complain about each other’s clothes all over their room. Basically, their room is a mess.

– The MC made RAP MONSTER and JUNGKOOK lock their foreheads then slowly face ARMYs (with their foreheads still locked) to show they already made up.

– JIN said SUGA wears bear underwear to sleep.

– JIN said JUNGKOOK keeps visiting his and SUGA’s room to sleep. JUNGKOOK responded saying he went there to sleep because the carpet is comfortable.

– V said he likes songs by women lately. When he practices, he’d say “Ha, I should be (or should’ve been) born as a woman.” He said he wants to sing for everyone and get people’s opinions. (But people didn’t know whether the voice was V’s or JK’s, so JK sang).

– JUNGKOOK sang IU’s Good Day

– V sang Alicia Key’s If I Ain’t Got You

– The next voice said there’s a member who throws his cotton balls (like the ones used for make-up; perhaps he means all over the place). Everyone said it’s SUGA who has this habit. SUGA was denying it like, “What did i do again?”. JUNGKOOK recalled a past incident where he told SUGA to clean up the cotton balls thrown, but SUGA pretended that he wasn’t the one who threw them. So JUNGKOOK ended up putting them away. After this, SUGA said that if he has time (in the future), he’ll definitely clean up. Then, JUNGKOOK and SUGA hugged.

– There’s a member who said he always has a fatherly heart when he buys JUNGKOOK lamb skewers, but after eating a few times with him, he found that the bill is too ridiculous. This is revealed to be SUGA. He said that there was one day where he ate lamb skewers with JUNGKOOK and J-HOPE. The three of them ate 9 portions. He found it scary and asked JUNGKOOK why he did that. JUNGKOOK said he’ll pay for the meal next time… but said it’s actually SUGA who always eats the most.

– JUNGKOOK imitated what SUGA always says when SUGA invites him to eat lamb skewers: “Jungkook-ah~ It’s lamb skewers today~”. JUNGKOOK said that it’s not that he wants to eat lamb skewers but it’s SUGA who would always ask him to go eat lamb skewers with him.
– The MC said that SUGA is very nice, he always takes care of the members. Every time he celebrates his birthday he’d also prepare things for the fans. The MC then asked what their thoughts are for this segment today. JIMIN said he wishes SUGA and ARMYs’ relationship will get better (jokingly).



The VCR is set up like the camera is ARMY and BTS and both are on a date. During the fanmeet, BTS watches the VCR in their respective seats, watching the screen and reacting with ARMYs. After each video, options will appear (like in a Dating Game where they choose what they want to do after).

The scenarios on the 2PM VCR were different for each member on the 7PM VCR version. But we will provide less details about each scenario for the 7PM show since the scenarios are the same, just mixed up among the members. Also, as we have trouble remembering a few options and choices, we only describe whatever we, along with those who helped us, could remember.


1st show 2nd show

V: In a park, he is on his phone waiting and then noticed ARMY. He smiled and took her hand. He said, ”Do you know what day it is today?” (2nd year anniversary/Date of parcel delivery)

  • V chose “2nd year anniversary”

RAP MONSTER: He ties the shoelaces of ARMY, looks up and smiles. What happens next? (She knee-kicks him./She says “We’ve been together for two years, why are you tying my shoelaces?”/He tells the girl to wear shoes without shoelaces next time.)

  • Everyone (including other members) chose knee-kicking him.
  • He said it would be funny if it’s like that and said he likes it if the girl responds “We’ve been together for two years, why are you even tying my shoelaces?”

SUGA: He leads ARMY to a coffee shop and smiles cutely.

  • He says “자기는?” (What about you, baby?), asking about what she wants to drink.

J-HOPE: He comes back after getting coffee and he sits on a coffee shop table. He holds ARMY’s hand and plays with his hair shyly. There is a gift on the table. The question is about the gift he wants. (A/N: Unable to recall his answer.)
JIN: He pats ARMY’s head, then he shares his earphones with her. They listen to the music he likes. “What song was this?”

  • Jin then sang the song “they were listening to” live. The song is Wild Flower by Park Hyoshin. Jungkook sang the refrain.

JIMIN: He sits on a table with a birthday cake, smiles shyly at ARMY and bites his lower lip. He is asked where he would go after coffee. (A/N: Unable to recall his answer.)
JUNGKOOK: He feeds ARMY some cake. She seems to have cream on her face, so he is asked what he’ll do to wipe it off. (Kissing it away./Giving her a mirror./Giving her wet wipes.)

  • ARMYs chose cleaning the cream by kissing it away.
  • He chose giving her wet wipes.


– V was running around while his video was playing

– JUNGKOOK hid behind RAP MONSTER while watching his video

– Members kept jumping up and down (while watching the video) because of embarrassment.


JIN: Park (V’s scenario)

  • He also chose “2nd year anniversary.”

SUGA: Shoelaces (RM’s scenario)

  • He chose “Next time, wear shoes without shoelaces.”

JUNGKOOK: Coffee shop (SG’s scenario)

  • He says “I’ll pay for dinner, you pay for coffee.”
  • SUGA remarked that he would have also said “I’ll buy coffee, because you bought my heart.”

RAP MONSTER: Gift (JH’s scenario)

  • He said he wants another gift: a melon porridge, but if he has to choose, he’ll go with “2nd anniversary ring.”

JIMIN: Earphones (J’s scenario)

  • There were options: Billie Jean, A Seo Taiji song, Born Singer, etc
  • JIMIN danced to Billie Jean for a bit.
  • Then he chose again and sang Born Singer. ARMYs sang with him but he said he won’t finish it because ARMYs will cry.
  • JUNGKOOK sang ‘Do You want to Build a Snowman’ to Jimin
  • JIMIN sang Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself. When he stopped, JUNGKOOK sang a part of the refrain.

J-HOPE: Birthday cake (JM’s scenario)

  • He chose to go to the cinema after.

V: Feeding cake (JK’s scenario)

  • He chose giving her a mirror. He says it’s because ARMYs are Snow White’s who should ask the mirror about who the “fairest of them all” is.
  • J-HOPE said he’s good with words today and JIMIN said he had goosebumps from V’s words.
상남자 (Boy in Luv)
VCR: Muster Photoshoot Behind the Scenes




There is an electronic board game on the screen with missions as stops. A die automatically rolls that gives the number of steps taken to get to a mission box/turn. After choosing the mission, the member who will execute it will be chosen from the result of the roulette.


1st show 2nd show
– JIMIN, JIN, V did the syllable game with 아미 (ARMY).

– JIN had to impersonate the dongsaeng line. He did JIMIN’s habit of running his finger through his hair and JUNGKOOK’s silly dance

– They did a Girl Group Random Dance:

   – Hot Pink + Ah-Choo = All members but mostly JUNGKOOK and J-HOPE

   – Me Gustas Tu – JUNGKOOK and RAP MONSTER

   – Like OOH-AHH – JUNGKOOK and JIN

– There was a Yaja Time – when roles of dongsaengs and hyungs are reversed, so hyungs speak formally to dongsaengs and dongsaengs can speak informally to hyungs.

– JIN had to do push-ups. 1st with both legs on the ground, and 2nd with one leg up.

– The roulette basically keeps on ending up on JIN.

– JIN writes his name with his butt.

– JIN had to inhale helium. He then rapped J-HOPE’s part in Boy in Luv

– JIN wrote BTS in hanja (防彈少年團) with his butt
What is ARMY to You
JUNGKOOK: Americano. Because I can’t last a day without Americano.

V: Scenery, Looking at it makes me feel very good.

JIMIN: Kimchi and Ramen.


J-HOPE: A trap because once we get in, we can never get out.

SUGA: Like celebrities, we are your fans.

JIN: Our ARMY Bomb.

– JUNGKOOK turned the roulette to decide who writes his name with his butt. All members were chosen and had to do it, but SUGA wrote randomly saying that’s his signature.

– V had to inhale helium and sing.

– Jungkook sang the Minion song

– SUGA had to impersonate JUNGKOOK so he did his silly dance since it’s the easiest to do.

– JIN and RAP MONSTER did a Random Play Dance for the Slow Ver. of  I NEED U, Fast Ver. of Dope, and Fast ver. of RUN. They also did I Like It Pt.2 refrain part.

– Syllable game using ARMY (as in Romanized)


A – army

R – remember

M – *thinks* | yoongi: min suga?

Y – yoongi hyung?


A – ah

R – rapmonster is

M – messaging to

Y – you

  • JUNGKOOK mentioned that he’s been learning English from RAP MONSTER recently.

– V and SUGA danced to SNSD’s Gee

– JUNGKOOK taught SUGA how to do a girl group dance.

– SUGA was supposed to dance to EXID’s Up & Down but he couldn’t so everyone did it together

– They had to switch parts for their songs.

  – RAP MONSTER sang Butterfly. He had to do high notes, but since he couldn’t reach them, fans helped in singing.

  – JIN rapped Cypher pt3: Killer. Before the member who had to do this was chosen, V said he wanted to do it, but he wasn’t chosen.

  – For Miss Right, everyone in vocal line and rap line   switched parts. JIMIN’s part was in English so he didn’t sing it completely.

  – After singing, they hugged each other and said they want to thank each other since they only knew how hard each other’s parts are after singing them.
What is ARMY is to You
JM: Someone who is like water.. Without you I’d die.

J: ARMYs are not ‘happy ending’ but ‘never-ending’




쩔어 (DOPE)


Skit: One Night in Ma City
뱁새 (Crow-tit/Silver spoon)

1st show solo: JIN        |        7pm show solo: jh

흥탄소년단 (Fun Boyz)

(Jin took ARMY Bombs in both shows)

RAP MONSTER mentioned what 22920 in the event title meant: It’s been 22920 hours since we’ve been together! JUNGKOOK: I’m human, too. Having two shows in one day also makes me tired but because of ARMYs, I can still go on.
Ending VCR: Handwritten letters to ARMYs



  • 1st show updates: @bangtanitl
    • *These are short versions of our live updates and some recalled/clarified important details of certain parts not included in our live tweets at the time of the show. If you want to check out our live tweets, search “Muster 160124 from:bangtanitl” on Twitter.
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