[Tutorial] Voting for the The SHOW


You can stream the MV on tudou.
The streaming always counts from Thursday – Monday.


You can also vote via Hashtags on Twitter for the SHOW.
The voting counts from Thursday 12AM KST – Monday 12pm KST.


Twitter Support for The Show

  • Send twitter mentions directly to @SBS_MTV (their twitter handle must come first) with the following hashtags:
    #방탄소년단 #더쇼
  • Always include the two hashtags in your tweets.
  • Examples:
    – @SBS_MTV  #더쇼 #방탄소년단
    – @SBS_MTV  #더쇼 #방탄소년단  yo yo check
  • You can tweet as many as you want during the given time, but you shouldn’t send the same tweet twice. You can use numbers to make your tweets different, or add other words.
  • Avoid adding photos and links to make sure the vote is counted.

SMS Voting during the SHOW

You can vote for BTS during Music Shows via SMS, but they need to be first place nominees!

  • You can start voting after the MC announced that voting started.
  • Please try to send the message as early as possible in case it gets delayed.
  • Only vote ONCE for BTS or otherwise points will be taken off!
  • If you vote with your own phone: It is better when you change the time of your phone to Korean time, if possible also change the location to Korea.
  •  You can download Text Free App (by pinger, inc.) on your phone.
  • You can vote via globfone.com, send-free-texts.com  .Choose Korea, South Korea as the country.
  • The SHOW:  Send  “방탄소년단”
    globfone.com: + 82 00821119
    send-free-texts.com: +82 1119
    in Korea:  1119

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