[Tutorial] How to vote for Inkigyao


SMS Voting during Inkigayo

You can vote for BTS during Music Shows via SMS, but they need to be first place nominees!

  • You can start voting after the MC announced that voting started.
  • Please try to send the message as early as possible in case it gets delayed.
  • Only vote ONCE for BTS or otherwise points will be taken off!
  • If you vote with your own phone: It is better when you change the time of your phone to Korean time, if possible also change the location to Korea.
  •  You can download Text Free App (by pinger, inc.) on your phone.
  • You can vote via globfone.com, send-free-texts.com  .Choose Korea, South Korea as the country.
  • Inkigayo: Send “방탄소년단”
    globfone.com: +82 00821245
    send-free-texts.com: +82 1245
    in Korea: 1245

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