[Tutorial] 愛豆 app

This is a tutorial on how to download the 愛豆 app to stream shows on your phone.

1. Go to m.idol001.com and download the app on your phone.


2 Change your phone settings if needed to install the app.


3. Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store or Apps Store.


4. Go to your apps and open the 愛豆 app.


5. There will be a cover photo opening.


6. You need to login to able to stream the app.
You can choose between QQ, Weibo or creating a new account.


7. The first step is to click on the right button on the bottom to creat a new account.
8. Enter your ID and your password.
9. After confirming your password, click on the pink button.


10. They will ask you to connect with other accounts, but it is not necessary.
11. Click on the right button on the bottom to continue to the next stop.
12. Add a photo and you personal nickname.
13. Click on the pink button and your registration is completed.


14. Choose BTS as the artist to follow.
15. Click on the pink button.


16. This is what the BTS’ page will look like.
17. At the top you will find the next schedule, a countdown and what time it will happen.
18. Click on the little movie player to get redirected to the stream.


19. Click once more on the media player to open the stream.



2 thoughts on “[Tutorial] 愛豆 app

  1. I used to watch love streams on that website MBC, SBS, etc. on pc but can’t anymore I’m not sure why. Is it possible to watch live Korean TV channels on the app instead? If so, how? This tutorial didn’t mention live streams of those channels.

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