[Tutorial] Weibo Account

How to make a weibo account without speaking chinese? Find out here.

1. Go to your app store and download the weibo app.


2. Open the app. The layout should be in English if your phone settings are not in Chinese.

3. Click on “Me” on the bottom.


4. Choose to login with your facebook account.



5. You will now get redirected. Click on the button to continue.


6. Go to “Discover” and search for “防彈少年團”

7. Click on BTS_official to get to the Official BTS weibo account.


8. Now click on the “follow” button to follow their weibo account.


9. Now everytime you open your weibo app, you can go to “home” to check for BTS updates.


10. You can also verify your weibo account if you are from a specific country, eg US, Malaysia, France, China, Great Britain. Just go to “Me” and then “Weibo Level”. Enter your phone number and they will send you a verification code.

11. You can also change the notification settings or otherwise you might get a lot of weibo notifications you don’t want. Go to “Me” and the click on “Settings on the top”. Go to  “Notification Settings” and turn off the notifications you dont want.



5 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Weibo Account

    1. It usually asks for your phone number if you go to weibo level. If not you can go to ‘settings’, then ‘privacy and security’ and add it under ‘privacy’. At one point it will ask for your phone number if needed


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