[Tutorial] Daum App

Here is a short introduction to the Daum App, so you will always be up to date.

Install the Daum Cafe App on your phone and login with you Daum Account.


Now you can create a shortcut for the BTS fancafe.


Click on the BTS button to get to the Fancafe. Now click on the top right to change the notifications.


Now click on the gray star behind the board you want to set.
Now you can choose between ‘Favorite‘ and ‘Notification‘.
1. Star = Favorite –> It will be on the top of the list now.
2. Bell = Notifcation –> You will get a notification if anything happens in the board.


Boards you might set as Notifications: FROM.BTS, BTS Episode, BTS Magazine, ARMY Room (if you are an official ARMY).

That is what my list looks like as an example (:


You can also change the notifcation setting for each member. Just go to their profiles and do the same.



3 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Daum App

  1. How to read a comments? When i press the comments on their posts there is always like this “!” appears with a korean word below


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