[Tutorial] Daum Account

[Latest Update: 150106]
How to make a daum account to join BTS fancafe? Find out here.

Go to BTS Fancafe: here.

Now click on login on the top.


Click on ‘Make a new Account’ like shown on the photo below.


Now click on the Email if you want to confirm your account with the help of an Email.


Now do the following steps.
1. Enter your email and click the button. Check your mails!
2. Enter the numbers code you got in the mail from Daum. Click the blue button.
3. Now enter your name.

Now agree with all the terms before continuing.


Now another window will open. It will show your mail.
You can also change your Daum ID. Enter a password.

For the picture. Open Google Translator and choose Korean as the language.
A Korean keyboard will open. Just write down the words, copy and paste.


Congratulations! You made your Daum Account!


Now go back to the BTS fancafe and click on 카페 가입하기 to join the cafe!

Unfortunately we are not allowed to take out the level up questions.
But maybe you can translate the questions with the help of google and try to get an idea of what they want to know.

You can also answer the questions in simple English.


21 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Daum Account

  1. Hello, I just wanted to ask. When I click on a post there, I can’t view it and something appears below. What does that mean? Is there something I should verify/confirm? Thank you so much~


    1. I was having the same thing where i enter the hangul words and keep pressing spacebar in between. Try to just put the alphabet and it keep forming words automatically.

      If not, refreshed and do all over again.

      I enable google translate to translate the page in mobile phone, idk how in PC/laptop.


  2. Hello, I am trying to join the fan cafe, but I am not sure which one to click or the official name for BTS fan cafe. Please help. Thank you.


  3. The email or phone choice isn’t showing up. It’s leading me to the terms and agreements and then taking me to the email place where it asks for a daum email that I don’t have…?


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